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πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜©πŸ€¬ But let's get those kids vaxxed says effing resident joek bidumb. They all are gonna rot in the deepest darkest hottest depths of hell! OMG


200 Bibles meant for a closed country is still kept in a safe house.
Please pray for safe delivery !

I'll be speaking at 4 meetings in Idaho this month and will be bringing the pill-sized hologram Bible with me.

Asking for prayer for a baby girl who doctors say won't survive the night. Her mother is a teen who was raped by her own father and the baby has many medical problems. Her name is Diana, please pray πŸ™

Did you see that North Korea lobbed up a couple of missiles? Few people noticed and that is a problem.

My hubby found out last night that he will no longer be able to supervise therapists (working toward finishing their hours) onsite at a large church run counseling center here in So. California! This because he will not comply with the jab heart is heavy! If the church will not stand, who will?! I don’t have a lot of hope in the recall of our governor today, but if you read this, please pray for freedom to come in some way to this state.

Prayer warriors – we need your prayers!
The Taliban is using sophisticated biometric equipment that they have captured from the military, and they are using it to go door-to-door to hunt down Christians.
BTJ is working with our hackers to develop a way to disable this equipment. It is a long shot, but our God is ABLE!
Prayers are desperately needed.

Got a message last night about about an urgent need in Afghanistan. The women we are helping are particularly vulnerable and need assistance.

We have some new members of DingDash - many of them (not all of them) joined yesterday from Connect Church in Bozeman and have committed to praying for our DingDash friends on the front lines.
Fellow DingDashers - please welcome @Springdam, @Bek1990, @Ron_mtskywatcher, @Jlb77, @Likeitis, @Sameaimnewway, @Grace, @Whitesitt, @SmithG1, @jvocal, @kiwidave, @TinTin, @Olukey4352, @Joey59714, @1solo, @AnalystAnalyst, @Fireball1, @Herdsman, @Sheila, @JoanLim, @Ladykenga, @Ctannoh, @Rwf, @4christ2day, @Stealth, @viliang, @intuitivemindset, @Andra, @Kaseyjessica, @MarcoClau, @Kensmithpa, @wojtekwojtek, @RoseLyn, and @elbonap

After living in California for 40 years (my whole lifeπŸ˜‰) my hubby got an email an hour ago that could cause us to pick up & move our little family quickly! The email read that as a licensed therapist in this here Golden state, he’ll need to join the phase 3 trial for the highly dangerous gene therapy treatment by September! NO THANKS...God please direct our path!

A 14 year old girl child missing from an area infamous for child and human trafficking!
Parents are believers from a majority language group. They were under severe persecution from the community
Please pray!
Please pray!

People MUST Realize that all this crap and recommendations from the CDC and FDA ARE NOT LAWS and cannot be enforced.

Contrary to popular belief, CDC guidelines and recommendations are not mandatory. They are not the law, and they do not have to be followed by individuals, companies, or any other entities in the United States. This would also include schools, colleges, and universities.

A Death Row Survivor. Sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging in Sudan for refusing to deny the name of Jesus and accept Islam.
I am overjoyed to be making a special announcement with Mariam Ibraheem on Tuesday about a NEW project that we are working on together.

On August 4 at 12 Noon EST, I am going to be doing a DingDash LIVE with Mariam Ibraheem. We are going to be making a HUGE announcement together.

An young couple requested prayers for their 1 year old child admitted in the NICU.
Please pray

We gained a family and they were baptized.
But the community is angry as they lost a "Doctor ".
As medical facilities are non existent, poor villagers relied on a 'Shaman' to heal.

When Shaman accepted the Lord and baptized, he stopped all occultist practices.
Community complained to the authorities, enquiry is on.
Please pray for protection.

My dad took his second dose of Pfizer I think the end of March and he looks like he is dying. He has lost so much weight. (This photo was from July 3rd and he said he was around 144. I guess he lost more weight since then.) He said that he’s having stomach/intestinal issues. Anytime he eats he has diarrhea. I believe whatever is happening is because the shots. Before that he was pretty healthy for the most part. #Covidvaccine #Covid19

China and Afghanistan - the forgotten border and how it is impacting the future of missions for BTJ

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