Muslim father stabs daughter to death when he learns she had been to church and was following Jesus.
Would you be willing to die to be in church today?
Satan is growing violent because his time is short and he is desperate BUT JESUS IS COMING BACK.
we share more details in our latest article.

Please pray. I just witnessed to a guy who's in a deep valley in this crazy life. Plz pray he surrenders his life to Jesus.

We have a small company that does electrical, SCADA, mechanical, and contracting work for municipalities. When COVID hit we gave the employees the freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not. All were provided the choice after giving the research about the experimental vaccine. Now the municipalities are hiring our employees who worked for more than 25yrs away, paying them vast amounts of money and vacation. We cannot print money and Evil is trying to shut us down. Please pray for protection.

This field report directly from our team in Afghanistan is such a powerful reminder of what God can do during the most unimaginable situations.

Please pray. A friend of our local fellowship is a pastor in Nigeria. One of his friends, I think it is another pastor, was just now kidnapped.

My brother died this morning.

Retired Marine Sgt.

I could use some uplifting prayers if ya"ll see fit.

No stream this morning folks. Kid and I are a bit sick with a head cold.

@MikeAdams I'm in Soldotna,AK in the hospital with my wife. She is fighting for her life. 7 days on vent.

The hospital refuses to prescribe Ivermectin. Looking for a lawyer that will help. We have a N.P that will takeover care. I'm not sure we can pull it off.

Please pray for Christie Gibbs. The love of my life.

God Bless

Couldn't get a hotel in Qatar, but this little spot is the perfect place to sleep tonight.
God always provides.

In Italy the situation is really unbearable. Without a vaccination passport you can no longer work. As I have already written to you since the first of September I am at home without work. It's sad but it's happening right under our eyes. I have been a believer for twenty years and I can assure you that it is a very hard test. I am also thinking of expatriation but I don't even know where to go. They took our jobs away! Pray again for my wife and me. Let's pray together for Italy. Remember that what is happening now here could happen anywhere because Italy has been chosen as the world leader for the organization of vaccinations. Thanks again. I love you in Jesus Christ.

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