Dear Brothers and Sisters of Ding Dash, I have an urgent prayer request for a dear friend of mine. His name is Alfonso and he is a believer. A few years ago he had a disease similar to leukemia, I don't remember the name of the disease, and, after a year and a half, thank God, it was in remission. This morning this dear friend of mine called to tell me that he is very sick again and is having blood transfusions again.

I ask you to pray for a complete healing. I ask you to also pray that he may feel the peace of God in his heart at this difficult time.

God bless you all. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Father in heaven, heal your servant Alfonso. Raise him up for Your glory I ask in Jesus name. Amen!

@faith20 also continue to pray for you and your wife.
I hope things have gotten better for both of you!
Are you wanting to go back teaching or do you want a different career? I'm not sure which to pray for.


From the point of view of restrictions things are a little better but from the point of view of work not yet. Unfortunately I lost my job as a teacher and have to find another job. I will not try to be a teacher again because there may be a risk of a return of the restrictions. In Italy, the two categories most affected by the obligations were teachers and doctors. Even today, unvaccinated doctors are facing strong opposition in the workplace. Pray that God will provide for another job and will give us the strength to carry on. Thank you. God bless you. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


Brother Antonio. Please watch this video of Terry Bennett warning believers to get out of France, Spain, Italy and Greece.
Terry Bennett is a seasoned prophet of God who I respect.


If you don't want to listen to the whole message start after the first hour. πŸ™‚

@faith20 I will be happy to lift this to our Loving Father.

@faith20 @MaryMamuzich Praying for you and that the Lord would give you a job that you would love! πŸ™

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