Which of you is in a fellowship preparing the Body to stand against persecution and betrayal re Matthew 24?

I'm grateful for this app. I can trust the news here. And hear things I can hear nowhere else.

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New Merck pill $600/pill. Ivermectin .06/pill. And that's the point. Revelation 18... merchants, merchants, merchants, merchants.

I've heard Heidi Baker report of do so many beheadings of her friends and miraculous jou in the midst. I heard a testimony of an American woman being shot at in her compound in Sudan, crawling on the ground to not be hit and laughing with the Spirit at the protection.

Give us all this liberation.

Who feels the squeeze of the birth canal? Birthing kingdom mindsets.

IFA just published an article on a WHO AI spygate called EARS, Early AI Response with Social Listening to "manage...the infodemic."

Can DingDash block AI listening?

@Sinobach. Dang your new book is so sweet. I appreciate all the history. Great cloud of witnesses. Thank you so much

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Prayer warriors – we need your prayers!
The Taliban is using sophisticated biometric equipment that they have captured from the military, and they are using it to go door-to-door to hunt down Christians.
BTJ is working with our hackers to develop a way to disable this equipment. It is a long shot, but our God is ABLE!
Prayers are desperately needed.

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