Haven't been on for awhile. Just wanted to say hi.
Shabbat shalom!

@sinbach good to know how to pray. This has gotten so out of hand and it takes the saints to push back the enemy. I am praying for Dubai to be free and open, in the name of Yeshua.

Do you really think it wasn't planned that our weaponry was left behind? The ones who think they are in control have been influenced by the demonic realm. This is an evil agenda.

Time for the saints to rise up and take our authority over the kingdom of darkness. We call Heaven down to earth and God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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If you love and care about our country, you're going to want to watch this! YouTube and Facebook and all the other big social platforms are taking this down as fast as they can. When you watch this, you'll understand why.


Prayers for financial miracles needed. The LORD has just told me to sit and believe him for the increase. I would appreciate agreement in prayer.

I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.

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The only thing that will keep you focused is to keep your eyes on the LORD. Doing this, you won't get distracted and get off the path. You will move into your true destiny and become what He created you to be.

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@sinbach when I heard mining Bitcoin, I was confused, since it is a virtual currency. But, when I saw those computers, it made a lot more sense. Wow
I have some invested in Bitcoin. Do you have any idea what is going on?

@sinbach only God can heal a wound like this.
Father, please bring restoration and healing, in Yeshua's name.

Dear DingDash family, please keep us in your prayers today. I am here in the US writing Meriam Ibrahim's story. Not an easy story. Yesterday was filled with emotion and tears as Meriam talked about being born in a refugee camp, her father brutally murdering her aunt for an honor killing, her mother being tied up for two days and raped, and her running away and hiding to escape circumcision - only to be forcefully dragged back to the village and the Muslim elders publicly witnessing her genital mutilation - and this was all before she was even 7 years old!
We can use all the prayers we can get for this project.

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