Facebook bans holocaust denial. Do you agree with this decision? Drop a comment on why you agree/disagree.

@messenjahofchrist Disagree! It imposes on freedom of speech. But Holocaust was evil.

@messenjahofchrist Sobering. If the 18-36 year olds would take a trip to Germany and see the concentration camps, the shoes, the clothes, the jewelry left from these mass killings, maybe their eyes would be open to realize it can happen again.

@KarMarJo57 yes, I once visited Holocaust museum in Israel. The room with the glass floor filled with the children's shoes made my knees weak😭😭

@messenjahofchrist I agree because it’s historical and factual correct, we cannot deny what happened in the past.

"Beware the Greeks when they come bearing gifts"--old Viking saying of my ancestors

When Belial (aka Facebook Zuckerberg) does the right, moral thing with his ban on Holocaust deniers, I confess I have to stand alongside Thomas Didymus and insist on evidence that his stand and policy are sincere and not motivated by radical politics, greed, and his unwashed tee shirts.

Disagree. There are documents and many evidences that speaks against certain narratives, that is not to say nothing happened, but to question certain narratives and you get labelled a denier.
Look at today if you question the public narrative of covid you get branded Crazy.
If everything is true why are we not allowed to ask questions, but are only allowed to accept what fits a certain narrative.
Benjamin Freedman did an excellent speech which is well worth looking into

@messenjahofchrist protecting sacred truth is always the earliest argument to stop speech. not every one will agree but i truly believe that truth triumps over lies and the thing needed to defeat hate speech is more speech, not less. the truth is a roaring lion. roaring lions are in no need of my help tp provide protection.

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