This is a fairwell note to my dear DingDash friends. I am closing down my internet. Last night on a video clip of which I won't reveal, the man with extensive experience in combat strategies soberly feels there is only about a 30% change of Mr. Trump overpowering this coup. Be prepared to flee. May God be with you! If the Lord allows mercy for this land, I'll return. Keep your eyes upon Jesus...

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Dear friends!

My best friend Sam will have his interview tomorrow. Interview means hearing and verdict for those seeking asylum in Austria. He has come to know Jesus 6 years ago in Iran and has fled to Austria, where he has been ever since.

Please pray for a positive decision, allowing him not only to stay but also to visit his family in Germany.

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4th Nov 2020 Wednesday prayer points:
1. Praise God for HIS protection this far.
2. Grace of God to rule the aftermath of celebrations in India
3. For more vibrant ministries among youth everywhere
4. For a Covid19 vaccine ASAP
5. For Peaceful elections in India and USA
6. That Pandemics be contained as Transport infra restarts in India
7. That Jerusalem and World will have peace.

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Satanic Forces in the Heavenlies
Derek Prince (1915-2003)
...Our responsibility in this conflict is unique, because Christ has committed to us alone the spiritual insight and weapons that can give us victory. The governments and the armies of this world, operating solely on the natural plane, have no understanding of the conflict and no power to deal with the satanic forces in the heavenlies. On the contrary, without realizing it, they themselves are manipulated and controlled by those forces.”

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The fix is in. The Democrats, Big Tech and the corrupt Media have joined forced with state leaders in a select few states to steal the election win away from President Trump.

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KarMarJo57 boosted used to be my number one news source. It COMPLETELY bombed on this election. everything Matt Drudge shared about this election was COMPLETELY wrong.

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President Donald Trump visited his campaign headquarters in VA.

Only GOD CAN SAVE us, and our land, but only in humble repentance.

LORD, we pray against any and all voters fraud, and may the nation turn to You in Jesus' name! Amen!

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On the day we visited this church, late in the service I glanced around. At the door I could see 5 soldiers in combat gear talking - being so near the border I wondered if there was a problem. However nothing seemed amiss. A few minutes later I glanced around to see about 50 young soldiers around 18 years of age, then one by one they came forward one by one to take communion -it was one of the most moving things I have ever seen. Please pray for them and for their country of Armenia.

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Christian relief organizations in the Netherlands recently raised the alarm about the fact that Christian refugees in the country are being threatened or bullied on a regular basis, especially when they used to be Muslim. Three of these refugees were willing to share their story

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Please pray for these dear believers who have lost fathers, sons, daughters and homes. Pray for Armenia

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Dear (non US citizens) brothers and sisters in Christ,
We in America Love the body of Christ around the world and pray for those under oppression for the gospel sake. Please take a moment and pray for us in the battle for our country here in the states. The stakes could not be higher and ask that you lift us up to the Father, and that darkness would be exposed by the tyrants and communists who wish to rule over us (Biden, deep state, Podesta, Obama’s, cia). May Jesus name be lifted up!

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Christians, there is nothing more clear than the fact that we need to be PRAYING HARD.

Ok, DD followers. I need a techy person to help me figure out how to replace Microsoft on my pc (Windows) and remove Microsoft with the new software. Can anyone help me?

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Part 29 (END)
“This is my eye-witness account.

“It’s true. Those of us who sailed past the Statue of Liberty came to a country of unbelievable freedom and opportunity.

“America is truly is the greatest country in the world. “Don’t let freedom slip away.

“After America, there is no place to go.”

Kitty Werthmann

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