this morning as we attend Sunday worship service, let's remember the 10s of thousands of children in Yemen that are dying. According the UN, this is the worst humanitarian disaster on the planet and Yemen is on the cusp of losing an ENTIRE GENERATION of children. LET US - THE CHURCH - BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS.

Lord, please rescue the starving children in Yemen from the hand of death. Put people in place that can help them both physically & spiritually. Break through to the hearts of those at war in Yemen and cause them to lay down their arms.

@sinbach it is madness, these people are full-on schizophrenic, on one hand they say this is the worst ever, on the other hand they will support the world global lockdown due to a weak virus, which has shut down trades imports exports,
and media is busy pushing vaccines, virus and closet communism

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