Not an easy Valentines Day.
I say good bye to my wife today for TWO MONTHS!
Our apartment has been sold, so she flies back to China today to sell all our stuff.
It will be a very very long two months.

@sinbach A couple weeks every now and then is kinda nice, but a couple months is a bit much. I always tend to get more fit when we're apart due to exercising more and not getting fed...good luck!

@daniel we are used to it. We got married when I was still in the Marine Corps. She has lived through 6 months Middle East Deployments, work ups, and 300+ days a year ministry travel every year for the last 20+ years. She handles it like a boss. Covid was a blessing for us. It was the most we have ever been together since we were married and we cherished every single day of it - knowing that we would have to get back to traveling. She is flying to China and I will be flying to the Middle East.

@sinbach bless the two of you! 💔 ❤️ 🙏 Why do you sell your apartment, and why stay away from each another for such a long time? Sounds sad in my ears... But I know you are a soldier in the army of the Lord, and you do as he commands.

@tanjaostman we never owned the apartment. we are renters in china. the owner sold it and the new owner wants to move in. this was not planned by us, but we believe it was planned by the Lord.
We are homeless and loving it. The Lord is stripping away all of our earthly possessions and leading us where ever HE would like us to go. We couldn't be happier.

@sinbach I'm sorry 😢
I would have a terrible time being away from my hubby.. we are never apart!
You all have sacrificed so much for so many years and for so many ppl. Thank you!
Sending hugs to your whole family 💖🤗

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