🙏Urgent Prayers Needed 🙏
guys, as soon as I arrived back in Dubai, I had several messages from our team in North Korea.
They are begging for food and supplies. Things are REALLY bad right now inside North Korea.
I will be posting more details soon, but for now.... pls pray.

@sinbach I was awake a lot last night wondering and praying for you and your family. You're my window to a world I know little about, my means to be able to pray for and feel a closer relationship to our brothers and sisters. Thank you for this prayer request - I'm on it!!

@sinbach Please let us know if there is a way to send funds!

@sinbach must get onto that at the back to jeruselum web site,it's a privilege to help people who risk their lives

@sinbach Praying for God's provision. And for the safety, protection and effectiveness of all friends standing with you both inside and outside.

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