@sinbach patiently waiting on you to do a podcast on this...

@sinbach, I am so blessed by the perspectives you share, and this article along with the mini series you've been doing on Mao's Little Red Book, are so wonderfully insightful and right on!

My parents led by example, helping my brothers and I cherish and earnestly pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union in the 80's, through the ministry of Bro. Andrew and Open Doors. Now I glean so much from BTJ for our 4 boys to understand what God is doing in their generation!

As a musician, I was delighted in about 2006, to be introduced to the Canaan Hymns project, recorded a number of years ago by the Beijing Philharmonic (I believe), but was even more enthralled with the story of the young Chinese woman who, as an "untrained" musician who loved Jesus, had written these original songs of praise to the Lord (to the awe of the Philharmonic performers), and had taught them all over China, often being captured and imprisoned. Have you perchance met her?

@sinbach So good. Yes. I think many in the USA believe persecution is coming our way. There definitely will be a sifting. My prayer is that God prepares hearts both those that are already seeking Him and in those that have yet to turn to Christ. Yes, “glitz and glitter” and anything else not founded on Him will turn to ashes in due time but the golden work of the Spirit in responsive hearts will remain.

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