Sooo! Things are getting a bit more "interesting" in Poland!
Today we've announced that starting this weekend we are going to visit one city per week to talk about our vision of House Churches that serve all other Churches and work to gain Oneness in cities.
Also today - our government announced that starting this Saturday all country will be a "yellow" zone with extra restrictions - including gathering restrictions.
I will keep you posted! Prayers are Welcome 🀩 😍 😘

and the lockdown intensifies... now the whole country is a "red zone", all restaurants & gyms closed (and more). Huge limits on gatherings. Let's see what will happen next. In the midst of this, we can find Joy in Him, and Him Alone!

another update! huge pro-abortion manifestations in Poland, roman-catholic church services interrupted by shouting rioters, military police going to the streets on 28th October, more covid restrictions on the way.

Yes, I seek joy in Yeshua alone. As a heaven-born child of His, I am an ET. No wonder I never can find a square hole for my square peg in a world of round holes and round pegs walking around. Round pegs find me not round enough to identify with, so I get no following. Suits me! They need to find and follow Yeshua, who doesnt fit any hole, round, square, or octogon, or any other configuration, for the GOD-Shaped hole in us can only take God and nothing else we can try to force-fit.

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