Life for Christians in China is a whole lot like it was many years ago. Now they must truly count the cost!

For all of you living in Free Countries..... remember those who are in bonds around the world for their faith ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

@lynnexxa thank you SO MUCH! One day in heaven you will be able to see how MUCH the prayers helped us. I’m sure it will be ALOT!

@weavers4jesus You know, I am really looking forward to having all eternity to really get to know many people that I have only met online.

@lynnexxa @weavers4jesus
Me too. I have prayer partners whom I have never met face to face but we are friends! We have battled together. God put us together. There is no other explanation. The chances of us ever getting together are slim-not impossible-but slim. I’m so thankful for the relationship we have in Him.

@MaryMamuzich it is such a blessing to our own souls as we remember those who are suffering. Sometime life is very hard here for our family inside China but then I remember my dear brothers and sisters who are suffering in jail cells or running to hide because they love God! Oh how my soul can ache for them and yet they also gain a treasure in their life that I don’t have - the treasure of persevering through such a time for HIS name sake!

With the way the world is drowning in sin these modern days, I think this group of Christians around the world is going to grow in number.

May we not take our lives and the freedoms we have for granted. But live with hearts of thankfulness as much as we can!

@weavers4jesus I live a Christian life that is completely opposite of my brothers and sisters in China and other closed counties. My heart aches with both gratefulness and deep, deep sorrow. My prayers are unending for those that live in these countries.

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