Join today If You Can!: CMM Sustainable agriculture-Redeeming the earth, times, mindsets in preparation for fullness! Feb. 24th 2pm EST ZOOM link. Please contact Jorge Parrott for confirmation of attendance.
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Urgent prayer request, for believers among Somali people. As they are imprisoned and persecuted with high risk🙏🙏!

This was the price paid for your freedoms that were stolen from you on November 3rd 2020. Global Ordination Service: Matt. 5:6 TPT "Blessed and fortunate and happy and [a]spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God [b]enjoys His favor and salvation) are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God), for they shall be [c]completely satisfied!"
WOW! In Phil. 3:30-21 we see "But we are a colony of heaven on earth as we cling tightly to our life-giver, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our humble bodies and transfigure us into the identical likeness of his glorified body. And using his matchless power, he continually subdues everything to himself."
Newly Ordained today: Dvorah Mikulski
Nitin Khandagale
Yohana Mayiku
Todd Post
Ulrich Tofack
Rebecca Griggs
Jan Willem Meier
Jozo Nicolic
Sabastian Sarkezi
Kubilay Nijkamp
Jonas Joseph
Shelley Singh
Janis Ray
Daniel and Christine Oyoko
Pamela Hairston

The republicans are as bad or worse than the liberals. They rigged a presidential election right in your face and the republican legislatures in the swing states certified fake results. What are you gonna do about it.

Pray for Myanmar and our dear friends there. We heard yesterday thousands of prisoners were released from prison and told to burn houses and make room for civil disobedience citizens and government workers to be jailed. Many Doctors and nurses have been detained. Free prisoners are burning houses whole night. Pray for the Lord's destiny to be fulfilled in this heavily Buddhist nation. Their internet was going to be turned off from the 14th of Feb through the end of the month but some still have internet. Last week many Chinese planes were flying into Myanmar and 2 N Korean planes flew in. Army and police are arresting people at night and taking them to unknown locations and they are not heard from again, for now. From a friend just now: History is unfolding right now there. Watchmen and intercessors proclaim the Lord's will and peace and protection over the innocent.

Did they think all the republican governors were just gonna jump on board? Guess not Desantis lol 😂

First thing Ill say about all the talk of TB12 wife being a witch? I think it bologna. I dont know what TB faith is. I do pray for his salvation if he isnt saved as I have for many sports athletes. Some are just out to defame TB out of jealousy or frustration because ge keeps winning superbowls. I didnt stand with Cassius Clays faith either, but he was arguably the greatest boxer. What about famous BB players who arent Christians. Should we chastise them because of their sin? Most of the Church is filled with a religious devils, should we condemn the Church or pray for her. Whats the real issue here? Self- righteousness. Sports are full of superstitious bullcrap, much of the Church is too. They think suspicion is discerning of spirits and theres an apostle on every street corner (no pun intended). So I don't endorse TB's beliefs. I just know he's the greatest QB to ever play the GAME.

congratulations to Thomas Edward Patrick Brady and the Bucs. TB12 7th superbowl!

CMM is a partner along with BTJ and many fine organizations on United Hive. Join UH and post your testimonies! ‘Do it again Lord!’From Eugene Bach with BTJ The testimonies being shared on UnitedHive every day are an amazing reminder that our God lives!

Election night IP addresses too and fro. Lol. Freaking ridiculous

With Him Ministries=Please be in prayer for Turkish North Cyprus Christians. You have heard from us before about how the gospel is growing there.
But today the government has arrested several local Christian leaders and pastors and are interrogating them. Some non TC pastors are being deported. An American missionary is now in prison there. The new TC pastor we pray for has not been taken in yet. Please pray for believers in North Cyprus in the hour of testing.

God is able to finish the work He has started in North Cyprus in spite of the government!
Maurice and Roslyn

Newsmax cans my pillow guy ML live on tv. As NM says the dominion machines were found having fraud. NM is now corrupt. Goodbye NM.

Hello friends and family of CMM. Please consider supporting this widow Julienne and her three children in Rwanda currently looking for a home as their current home was destroyed. We are raising $430 (6 months of rent and food). Pure religion in the sight of God (James 1:27) is to help and support the orphans and widows. Consider making a donation today.

Hard to imagine all the words from the Lord given to prophets about Trump being president, then they are so impatient and carnal they go about in the whole church apologizing for speaking what God gave them. The difference between a carnal prophet and a spirit filled prophet is relationship with God. Real prophets don't apologize for speaking what God shows them. Regardless how it looks. Trump spoke about voter fraud years ago... loonnnggg before the fake franchise's that call themselves the Church started saying it.

Oh wait Jimm, let me apologize for my "miss" then turn around two hours later and plug my next big conference and itineraries. Hashtag Numbers 22. Its balaam.

Guys: THEY ARE NOT PROPHETS who do this. They are carnal at best. Read the prophets of scripture, watch the way the speak. Watch HOW the Lord speaks through them.

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