My son will be proposing to his young lady next month. I'm in charge of the engagement party. He is a libertarian, but his lady is a nurse - fully vaxed and all-in about Covid and the vax.

Please in my next life, could I have less drama with my children?

Ok, I'm done. After reliving this, I'm ready for that vodka tonic.

10) The GOP’s stance on abortion has been public and clear for decades. It's Democrats that have radicalized. So, President Biden, tell us again—and speak slowly, so we can understand: Who, exactly, is "the most extreme political organization" in "recent American history"?


My wife and I had a premature child (26 week term, now 4 weeks post gestation)
Baby needs a blood transfusion. Blood banks, while asking Vax status and supplier, claim they are not sorting donor blood and you cannot request 'clean' blood. (free from mRNA and graphene oxide)

We NEED a type O negative donor for our son, anywhere within the continental US, who is:

Not vaccinated for covid
Blood Type = O negative
No serious disease
Willing to donate blood

And then what about this? I'm so tired of all this mess 😔

My 76 year old mother was the victim of theft tonight. While at Ross dress for less, a guy stole her purse and within 19 minutes bought almost 900 dollars in gift cards from Walmart. Her entitr identity is in that purse.
Yes, police have been called and the guys is on surveillance at the Walmart buying the cards and was on surveillance at Ross and it was noted that he had watched my mom and my sister since they walked in.

I have a physician friend who just wrote me. Here are his comments: "I don't belong to the AMA & haven't since the mid 1990s. It has devolved into a far left (based in Chicago) Marxist organization. I don't think I even know one AMA member...Maybe patients should ask when they see a doctor: "Do you belong to the AMA?" If they answer "YES" walk out of the office.That will send a very powerful message.

He also sent me the link below.


"Left in solitary. No daylight for 23-24 hours. Pleading for help. No court. No trial. No family. Food is a luxury. Medical attention denied. Tortured. Broken. Kicked. Beaten. Verbally assaulted. Theft. No hygiene. Raw sewage floods regularly. Mold. A devastated soul. Uyghurs in China? Guantanamo terrorist Detainees? NO. DC Department of Corrections holding American citizens whose only crime was attending a protest in DC and being granted a police escort through our Nation’s Capitol. Ten months of pure unadulterated HELL. Lawyers are rarely permitted to see these clients. And The Constitution is eradicated. Just – Like – That."

In Italy the situation is really unbearable. Without a vaccination passport you can no longer work. As I have already written to you since the first of September I am at home without work. It's sad but it's happening right under our eyes. I have been a believer for twenty years and I can assure you that it is a very hard test. I am also thinking of expatriation but I don't even know where to go. They took our jobs away! Pray again for my wife and me. Let's pray together for Italy. Remember that what is happening now here could happen anywhere because Italy has been chosen as the world leader for the organization of vaccinations. Thanks again. I love you in Jesus Christ.

UCLA anesthesiologist Dr. Chris Rake was escorted out of the UCLA medical plaza and placed on unpaid administrative leave for refusing to get vaccinated or request an exemption.

“I’m willing to go lose everything…even my life.”

The hill this brave dr. is willing to die on in order to stand for freedom shouldn’t be happening in America. But it is, and it’s so surreal to watch a “Gestapo” —like escort, escorting him out. Damn them!!!!

Keep us down in Louisiana in your prayers. Lots of devastation

Sad morning here,
Oldest son caught covid, I assume from work, but not sure. He works for the state.
He couldn't breathe well this am, I'm sleepin in woodshed, heard sirens, then ambulance showed up here.
He is now in the ER, :( prayers needed everyone....
I'm really wondering if someone spread this intentionally this round.

Steve Quayle and Mike Adams: THE HOUR IS LATE. Demons, aliens, giants and graphene biocircuits

IT’S REAL: Science paper documents “self-assembled magnetic nanosystems” for cybernetic biocircuitry interface and control systems in humans, including “DNA hydrogel” tech

- Contains the links to the exact science papers describing two decades of research into all this:

I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.

This week CPAC speeches were blocked by YouTube.
Now an entire party in the a democratic country is being blocked. Regardless of your political stance, we should all be against blocking free speech.
This is why I LOVE DingDash.
We will keep trucking and providing a free speech platform.

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