Hey DD family, I could use some prayers and encouragement. I have been dealing with some heavy anxiety & some insomnia the past 2 days. Monday (tomorrow) is the start of a very hectic work week & I feel distant from God which is not helping the situation. Thank you & blessings ✝️

Day 29: Please Pray for the Families who live in Banglatown, Detroit 🇧🇩

Mark sat down on the stoop and talked to the boy scholars about Jesus. They and their teacher were amazed.
As Mark was talking with the boys, the mosque van pulled up.
As they boarded the van, some of the boys asked, “When can you return so that we can hear more?”

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On May 1st, church leaders in China were faced with new rules.
They will now be judged according to their faithfulness to the communist party and their efforts to promote its version of Christianity.

North Koreans are starving - so the leadership is communicating in the way that they have seen gets the best response.
But there is another way....

Day 27: Please Pray for Yemeni families in Metro New York City 🇾🇪

Unbeknownst to Zoe, Aliya had recently surrendered to Jesus, and she longed for deeper connections with Christ-following sisters. The Lord had answered her prayers through Zoe’s awkward but divinely inspired interruption.

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Day 26: Please Pray for Muslim Communities in Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

“I have only shared about my depression with my three closest friends, including you,” Omar admitted.
“It touches me to know that you’ve counted me among your closest friends,” the friend replied.

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Day 25: Please Pray for the Iranian Community living in the Metro DC Area 🇮🇷

Ali’s passionate pursuit of the world left him feeling empty, and he saw little point in living. But after a series of supernatural experiences—including two dreams and a miracle—Ali’s resistance to his savior ended.

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 24: Please Pray for the Turks in New York City 🇹🇷

Osman met a man at a gas station who told him about a Turkish fellowship in New Jersey.
Here, finally, was the loving Christian community he sought since meeting Jesus as a young man.

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 23: Please Pray for the Fulani in the US and Africa

Nana’s husband of 30 years recently married a younger second wife, and he has begun showing favoritism to his new wife and family, angering Nana’s adult children, who are upset with how she is being treated.

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 22: Please Pray for the Somali Bantu living in Ohio 🇸🇴

“I cannot say the name Jesus, or Allah will punish me,” said one young adult. “It feels like something will choke me.”

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 21: Please Pray for Pakistanis in New York City 🇵🇰

We wanted to get to know our Pakistani neighbors and bless their local restaurant with our patronage, so we started eating early dinner there a few times a week.
During one unusually empty night, we found ourselves alone in the dining room with Ahmed, our Pakistani waiter.
Ahmed told us, “I know you are followers of Isa because you are so nice.”...

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 20: Pray for Saudis studying abroad 🇸🇦

In 2005, King Abdullah began sending thousands of college students to distinguished universities around the world. The program was so popular that nearly every extended Saudi family has participated.
For the first time in their lives, thousands of Saudi students have the chance to hear the Gospel...

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Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 18: Pray for the Palestinians in New York City 🇵🇸

One day he stumbled upon an ancient Christian catacomb, a former underground church, in his homeland. There in the darkness, using his flashlight to illuminate the Christian graffiti on the walls, Nour felt a peace he had never experienced come over him.

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To everyone praying for my family and for our (just turned 10 years old) daughter's healing, thank you so much! We appreciate it immensely. God is faithful. He hears and answers prayer. I have seen it so many times. As for an update, we are still praying for a miracle. We have a protocol from our physician and if there is not a dramatic improvement very soon, we will need to go for further testing, etc.

Ramadan Prayer Focus, Day 17: Pray for Muslim urban professionals, pursuing the American Dream 🏡

Muppies’ experiences with Islam can prove frustrating. Many seek a deeper, richer spiritual experience than that offered at local mosques...

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This is my daughter a couple years ago. She always comes to the country orphanage to help me with medical issues. The neglect and story of these children brings tears. We can't share on here. But please pray that we have wisdom each step that we are taking to help! And please pray China opens their borders again, as she hasn’t been able to get back since covid began.

Day : Please Pray For Afghan Immigrants and Refugees in the San Francisco, California Bay Area 🇦🇫

Having endured decades of war and tribalism, Afghans understandably struggle with trusting others...

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