Sooooo, I got a puppy...
I've waited 16 years after my last dog passed away. I named her Sally Jane after my best friend who died when I was 8 years old. She is a chihuahua rat terrier mix. Tiny little girl! I love her so much already!

@MaryMamuzich so cute!!

We had an Australian Silky Terrier...she had a very cute face too 🙂

Your new puppy looks lovely

Andy B

@Berrybunchfamily thank you! I forget how much time puppies take! .... she almost has me potty trained🤣🤣 I'm getting to know her schedule.

@MaryMamuzich these are way more than a decade old (little man is Nathan). Silver dog was Clyde, our Australian Silky Terrrier...thought she was ill as she didn't grow after we'd got her from a rescue shelter...the vet told us she was actually fully grown and found out her breed.

Jo is pregnant with Nathan in the last hole we owned before we prayed to learn faith, sold the house and lived in a small caravan (biggest you could legally tow with a normal car)!

Other dog was Bonnie, a Yorkshire/jack Russel cross, and immensely intelligent, loyal, gentle, friendly and obedient. With renting we had to let them both go 🙁

Both had hair (I'm allergic to pets now though, hair or fur) but I loved trimming their hair while they sat on my lap - good as gold!

Bonnie was rope mad...and would pull it with anybody willing... our boys were always willing :-)

Good memories though :-)

@Berrybunchfamily Clyde was a beautiful dog! And Bonnie so cute!! I love dogs, we always had Boxers growing up. This is my first small dog...all of 3.2 pounds right now. I'm so afraid I'm going to step on her- she follows me everywhere.

@MaryMamuzich we stepped on our littlest one all the time. But she did frequent the area between our feet all the time and she had a string aversion to the dishwasher. Every time the tablet dropped she'd go loopy!! She also acted like a cat and would often reverse next t you on the sofa...

@MaryMamuzich Middle son

Steven oldest - 17
Nathan middle son - nearly 16
Peter youngest - 10

@tanjaostman she's very cute and smart but she makes it hard to get anything done because I want to play with her and she's a real cuddler!

@MaryMamuzich I see... I've never owned a dog, but they say getting a puppy is like having a baby. They need much attention and care.

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