We will never see perfect justice on this side of Heaven because True Justice can only be given by the Righteous Judge, Jesus Christ.

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🙏Urgent Prayers Needed 🙏
guys, as soon as I arrived back in Dubai, I had several messages from our team in North Korea.
They are begging for food and supplies. Things are REALLY bad right now inside North Korea.
I will be posting more details soon, but for now.... pls pray.

The sheep that are the safest from the wolves are the ones that stay nearest to the Shepherd.

“The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous will stand.”

Proverbs 12:7

Texas and Mississippi have announced that they are lifting statewide mask mandates and are allowing businesses to operate at 100% capacity. Effective tomorrow for Mississippi and March 10 for Texas. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Please pray for our brother Voddie Baucham, a faithful minister of the Gospel. He recently discovered he has heart failure and is returning to the USA for tests and treatment. This is a bold and courageous warrior for the Lord. Join me in praying for his health and recovery!

Any Korean speakers on DingDash? I am a native English speaker and I am trying to teach myself Korean. I know the entire alphabet and am pretty good at reading Korean text, but would welcome any advice on how to work on the speaking part of the language!

“You say, “Well, doesn’t the church need freedom of religion to move forward?” No. In no way does any political law aid or hinder the church of Jesus Christ. We are a separate kingdom. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world My servants would fight.”

We would fight if the kingdom were of the world to make sure we got our space in the world. But this is not a kingdom that is part of this world, this is a kingdom of another world. The church does not need help from Washington or any other government.”

-Pastor John MacArthur

Liberal or Progressive Christianity is a serious threat to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the common beliefs found in these types of churches:

1) there is no Hell
2) there is a Heaven and pretty much everyone goes there
3) the Bible contains flaws and while it can be useful for advice, it is not authoritative
4) some of the authors of the Bible were prejudiced and therefore we cant trust their writings (e.g. Paul was sexist)
5) God created some people gay or lesbian or transgender, and their lifestyles are pleasing to God
6) we can’t really know what God expects from us (a kind of false humility)
7) Love is love (love is the highest virtue which has unlimited meanings, each unique to the individual)
8) moral relativism
9) humans are inherently good
10) you are not responsible for your sins, but you may be responsible for the sins of someone that has the same skin color as you

If you attend a church that teaches some or all of these beliefs, study the Scriptures!

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. - Psalm 119:11

Memorizing God’s Word has a profound impact in standing strong when tempted to sin. If you do not know God’s Word in your heart, you literally are weaponless when the enemy attacks. But when you have memorized Scripture, you have powerful weapons you can use to defeat temptation. Committing God’s Word to memory, and then deploying those verses in the moment of battle, is the strategy to rejecting temptation to sin!

A shallow understanding of God’s Word leads to a “woke” theology that pleases man and not God.

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. - Galatians 1:10

Christian, discipline yourself to read and study God’s Word every day!

The three books that have most profoundly impacted my views on what it means to authentically follow Jesus:

1- God’s Smuggler, by Brother Andrew
2- The Heavenly Man, by Brother Yun
3- The Insanity of God, by Nik Ripken

Highly recommend for every follower of Jesus the Christ!

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My husband left this earth on Saturday morning, died in his sleep 💔With a broken heart that only my Savior will be able to mend—- my best friend & husband (31yrs married). He was healthy. But he had an abnormal rare heart rhythm issue for many years. I thought we would grow old together. He was an example of God’s love to all who knew him. Because of him I could believe that God would love me forever. Right now my mind can’t comprehend my future without him. I appreciate your prayers.

The defining characteristic of liberal theology is a lack of emphasis on the holiness of God.


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