My husband left this earth on Saturday morning, died in his sleep 💔With a broken heart that only my Savior will be able to mend—- my best friend & husband (31yrs married). He was healthy. But he had an abnormal rare heart rhythm issue for many years. I thought we would grow old together. He was an example of God’s love to all who knew him. Because of him I could believe that God would love me forever. Right now my mind can’t comprehend my future without him. I appreciate your prayers.

My heart goes out to you in your loss. May God give comfort that only He can give. He alone knows the depth of your sorrow. He promises to never leave you or forsake you.

@ShanHB Oh shannon, my heart breaks for you. I know how you are feeling for I to lost my best friend, married 20 years, 8 years ago at 42. I will be praying for you dear friend and if you ever need a listening ear, I am here.

@ShanHB I’m so sorry for your loss. Lifting up a prayer for you right now. 🙏🏼

@ShanHB my prayers go out to you. thank you for sharing this with the - we ALL grieve with you today.

@ShanHB to say, " I'm sorry for your loss" seems so empty to say when my words can't say how how my heart feels. I pray you have family that can help you through the pain of the days ahead. Thank you for allowing us all to be apart of this sad day. We will hold you up to our loving Father and keep you in our hearts. Hugs to you.

@ShanHB God bless you dear. I pray your peace will return quickly!☹️

@ShanHB I am so grieved to hear of your loss. I can’t even imagine! May God bless you and keep you... may He fill you with hope and peace in Him, that you would have joy again! You will be in my prayers!

@ShanHB My heart breaks for your loss. Both for your husband and for your dreams of a future together. Hold onto God tightly and He will deliver you out of this storm. You are not alone. God has written us a future and it is sweeter than we can know.

Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life."

@ShanHB I am so sorry for your loss!! Lord Jesus, bring deep comfort. Strengthen this woman. Heal her aching heart. Help her to press more and more into You and set her sights on her Eternal Home.

@ShanHB my heart hurts for you. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you for God’s peace and comfort. ❤️

@ShanHB dear Shannon
Be very sure and open bc the Holy Spirit will become very intimate to you now.Bless those that cry bc they shall be comforted .
My name is Estela ,i am a missionary for more of 40 years, HS is the comforter.
If you don't have a relationship with him,seek it.
If i can help you in any way, please let me know

@ShanHB I always ask this. Is there anyone around that would be willing to agree with you to raise him from the dead?

praying for God's love to comfort you, so sorry for your loss@truth_heals

@ShanHB, praying that Jesus will hold you so close as you walk through this valley of the shadow. I lost my beloved Daddy in October, no health issues that any of us knew about. He was here and strong one moment and gone the next. It's such a traumatic experience, but not greater than our Jesus and His comforting presence. You are loved.

@ShanHB You were very blessed to have a husband like that. Sending you a hug through the spirit. My prayers are with you as the Father holds you close to His heart.

@lauralynn hello. I’m just now seeing this message. Thanks for checking in on me. Even through the pain Ive experienced the love of God. My church family has been beautiful & poured love over me & my 13yr. old daughter.💜

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