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My husband left this earth on Saturday morning, died in his sleep 💔With a broken heart that only my Savior will be able to mend—- my best friend & husband (31yrs married). He was healthy. But he had an abnormal rare heart rhythm issue for many years. I thought we would grow old together. He was an example of God’s love to all who knew him. Because of him I could believe that God would love me forever. Right now my mind can’t comprehend my future without him. I appreciate your prayers.

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Things are new for you here, and we know they can be confusing, but here is a video to help you get started. If you have any questions PLEASE reach out to @Lindseyay or @Backtojerusalem.
We are a small intimate family at DingDash from all over the world.
We are here to help.

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Our govt has been overthrown.
There are no elections, only installations.

I will not bow down.

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IN THE SENATE RACE!! -- see CSPAN rally coverage

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Our area in China is under lockdown. Please pray as it is much much harsher than North America

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🙏PRAYERS NEEDED🙏 as BTJ hackers work on OPERATION BLACK TRUMPET that will allow Christians in closed countries a back door to download Bible applications.

Facts right in front of our American faces.... and we can’t stop it....... May God grant us mercy — “The elites have been working on behalf of China”

We’re Not Ready’: Pastor Andrew Brunson Predicts Worsening Religious Persecution In U.S. Regardless Of Election Outcome
"I believe that persecution is still coming and it's coming quickly and it's coming soon."

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amazing time in Washington last night! now on my way Los Angeles. IN-N-OUT here I come baby!

We need to be praying for America, the Chinese people (stuck under this government) & the world.....🙏🏻🙏🏻

Chinese scholars say it's also part of the 67-year-old leader's deep belief that his country has a divine right to rule the world.”

📺 FYI— for an free open news channel- go to “NewsMax”. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the open coverage of the voting fraud cases & hearings. They are open in info to all conservative issues too. They have moved to #4 in most watched cable news in last few weeks. 🎥
They have a free app too (for your iPhones)

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China has just proposed new laws to punish foreign Christians doing personal ministry inside China. We outline the specific laws that are the most problematic.

Why we need to care about loosing our religious freedom, even if one is not religious.

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I did something this week that i NEVER thought I would do in my lifetime....
I spoke at an illegal church gathering in the US.

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Don't know what your theology says, but China's apocalyptic events just keep coming! No joke! ...Worst floods ever, earthquakes almost every day, covid-19, bubonic plague, locusts, swine flu, hail the size of golf balls, fire coming from heaven and burning buildings, sun going black in middle of day, winds so strong people have to crawl, and now one of the worst snow storms of the year and looks like a Game of Thrones episode.
Is God trying to tell China something?

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