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@jarvil1 I completely agree, Hudson Taylor and George muller by faith trusted God to provide their needs. Watchman nee taught pastors should never ask for money but taught that elders and pastors should not even hint at their need for financial needs but trust God which Watchman nee practice what he preached. Bakht Singh also never asked for money. While some pastors do make a modest living, some make literally millions. It's just sin and love of money in my opinion

By the way most of the western church prophets and teachers seem to be for PROFIT. Where in the scripture do you see people profit off the word of God?

These things make sense; 1. Warfare prayer
From Watchman Nee, The Spiritual Man,
2. Acts Chapter 13, Antioch, certain prophets and teachers ministering to the Lord and teaching, fasting, and praying. Then they laid hands on Saul and Barnabas sending them. This was strategic action from the Holy Spirit. Note in verse 9, Saul called Paul after giving his testimony filled with the Holy Spirit. Then the Proconsul believed after seeing and being taught.

Do you see the difference between this and what we call church in the west? Fasting puts the flesh to death. Praying in the Spirit followed by God enlightened prayer leads to strategic action. I Peter 3:18


Anarchy is coming. I see the red wave, but pose a question; what acts of desperation will the current regime take to avoid trials for treason?

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Just found out a friend was discovered collapsed behind his till at work this morning

He's been taken to hospital for tests and an MRI.

Prayers would be welcome: they have two adopted children

Andy B

Ended free showing of film today about Wormwood possibility regarding NASA identified meteor impact (?), Humanity's Last Stand. I only had one church pastor in the region verbalize support after private viewing. He recommended to local regional pastor's association and his flock. Turn out was very poor. Major resistance was encountered. Gave out as many as 400 free tickets at high school football games on Friday nights and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes' (FCA) event. I tried to get FCA and local pastors behind showing as evangelical outreach to schools and churches. Marquee stating Free Movie advertised for 2 weeks. Only saw one possible high school or college age girl come. God knows.....This is the eve of Feast of Trumpets, tomorrow ends the Shemitah year, a 7 year cycle consistently seeing sell off in the stock market. God instituted 7 years with a rest at the end. Some say this is a Jubilee year ending October 5, Tishri 10. Praise God, His Word does not return void.

Update on my friend. He just contacted me after a dry spell. I am sure affects of medications have kept him groggy and sleepy. He continues to do battle. As a young Christian with no on the ground mentoring it's tough. He is in the hospital in Paris for now and has had 4 operations and is being told they will not be doing anything further medically. I will not say more openly. If anyone is in Paris and would be willing to go and share encouragement, that would be great. Contact me directly.

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Thanks so much everyone for your prayers. I am now done with my move, have a 2 bedroom place close to facility and my Mom’s 2 dogs with me. Today the facility will be discussing my Mom’s case, my sister wants to keep her in the home, and I don’t. She is functional, and does not need to be there, and I want her home with me. Please pray for favor and the right timing for everything, and for release of Mom’s finances to be able to take care of her!

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There is so much grief in my heart. I am grieving the loss of my stepdad. I am grieving for what my mother is currently going through. All I want is to take her home and make a home for her.

I spent the past 4 days and nights with her at the care home, holding her as she grieved at night. I’ve an inside view now, and I don’t want her there. I sill believe she needs to be with family.

She is also starting to wonder if God has abandoned her, she’s lost her husband, dogs, and home all at once.

Please pray for a miracle, that God makes a way for her to be with me. She needs to be with family that loves her. I don’t want the hardest time of her life, at 80 years of age, to be compounded by her being in a carehome. Needing some miracles from God and a path forward.

Also please pray for protection from Covid, a nurse there just came down with Covid, don’t want the facility to be locked down to where she can’t see me, or for her to get Covid and they stop me from seeing her 😭💔

Prayer request. I have rented a small local theater to show a film hoping people will hear the alarm. The title is "Humanity's Last Stand". It's a documentary about a meteor identified by NASA heading for earth with an arrival date of April 13th 2029. I have titled the marquee, NASA METEOR=WORMWOOD? I am praying the regional area youth will come. This is totally free and is planned for September 23-25 2022. The possibility presented in this film is astounding. This film begs the question, What time is it?

Many feel they are Christian, but few are really followers, born again believers that truly believe His word. Many will say what Mathew 7:21-23 says they will. He will say to even some of these "Depart from me, I never knew you". It's all to easy in western culture to be complacent and have no fruit. James warns us to display our works that display our belief and hence the testimony of Jesus in our daily life. Many ask the question, "did God really say?" I am asking the question, what time is it. Like in the days of Noah many professing to be Christians, are embracing the gods of this world; Sports, movies, church meetings, church buildings, the praise of men, secret societies, money, success, traditions of men, political agendas, fcebook, Twitter, tiki tok, just fill in the blank _____ of the primary things you pursue. Ask yourself, how am I best known and seen by others?

Investigating war crimes in Ukraine he suffered serious injuries in explosion in last few days. Life flighted out. Prayers have already brought some healing and he is doing better. An associate lost a leg.

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My stepdad has taken a turn for the worse, please pray for him. Nurse said he is having excessive tremors and it’s not looking good. Infection is moving about in his body. I am waiting on a call back from the doctor. 😭

He is not a Christian, please pray for him!

The kind of prayer needed in west, but where are the men?


APRIL 13, 2029 a large space rock or meteor is scheduled to fly by earth very close. NASA has named this rock Apophis. In a dream a man was given Pope Benedict would resign and he even put this and the exact date in a book titled Petrus Romanos, prior to this event actually occurring. He also was also shown this rock coming and given its name in a dream as Apophis. He believes this could be Wormwood as mentioned in Revelation 8:11. There is more to his dream, you can explore this on skywatchtv.com for yourself. We will start seeing the light from this object in the next few years. It presents a very intriguing possibility as to why now? I would say to all prepare, "seek the Lord while He may be found". I believe we are in the season and the world is ripe for His return as we are in "the wars and rumors of wars" stage. SELAH!

Translator update. He returned from Medjugorje and the healers to.German doctors. They affirmed only small area of cancer left in liver. He was "robbed" financially by the healers taking most of the value of his apartment there, but considers finding Jesus deep in his heart worth everything, and forgives. He had dream of Jesus. He's on fire for Christ and is going to Poland as a human rights attorney now. Building back his life.

Amazing how things happen; my email was showing no spam emails and yesterday I had a history of dingdash responses just show up.🤔

I am finding dingdash communication going to spam. I started to open and 5 emails just disappeared. Any ideas?

Related to me yesterday he definitely has Jesus in his heart and believes he is healed of cancer. He is returning to Berlin to have the doctors that diagnosed his. Cancer confirm his healing.

Deception is rampant in the Western churches. Replacement of the role Jewish people/Israel will play in the last days is common. Denial of the catching away ot as many call it the rapture is common. This thought concept seems not just a difference in doctrine, but heretical thinking and even seems to bring the church into a role of works mentality. The believers i have heard in this seem to deny scriptures or remove or ignore or over reach in translation to explain this theory. Any thoughts?

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