The kind of prayer needed in west, but where are the men?

APRIL 13, 2029 a large space rock or meteor is scheduled to fly by earth very close. NASA has named this rock Apophis. In a dream a man was given Pope Benedict would resign and he even put this and the exact date in a book titled Petrus Romanos, prior to this event actually occurring. He also was also shown this rock coming and given its name in a dream as Apophis. He believes this could be Wormwood as mentioned in Revelation 8:11. There is more to his dream, you can explore this on for yourself. We will start seeing the light from this object in the next few years. It presents a very intriguing possibility as to why now? I would say to all prepare, "seek the Lord while He may be found". I believe we are in the season and the world is ripe for His return as we are in "the wars and rumors of wars" stage. SELAH!

Translator update. He returned from Medjugorje and the healers to.German doctors. They affirmed only small area of cancer left in liver. He was "robbed" financially by the healers taking most of the value of his apartment there, but considers finding Jesus deep in his heart worth everything, and forgives. He had dream of Jesus. He's on fire for Christ and is going to Poland as a human rights attorney now. Building back his life.

Amazing how things happen; my email was showing no spam emails and yesterday I had a history of dingdash responses just show up.🤔

I am finding dingdash communication going to spam. I started to open and 5 emails just disappeared. Any ideas?

Related to me yesterday he definitely has Jesus in his heart and believes he is healed of cancer. He is returning to Berlin to have the doctors that diagnosed his. Cancer confirm his healing.

Deception is rampant in the Western churches. Replacement of the role Jewish people/Israel will play in the last days is common. Denial of the catching away ot as many call it the rapture is common. This thought concept seems not just a difference in doctrine, but heretical thinking and even seems to bring the church into a role of works mentality. The believers i have heard in this seem to deny scriptures or remove or ignore or over reach in translation to explain this theory. Any thoughts?
One of the original songs birthed recently. An awesome prayer and worship service erupted this morning.

When a brass musician plays above the scale in the double High C range and stays there it's incredible-not many can do this let alone do it well. This is how I describe worship this morning. His Presence is beyond description.

This just came in from my friend in Bosnia:

I did not meet the Pope. But I've seen him from some 20 meters. I met a Priest with even warmer hands. I met a woman who gave me water and I felt as if I drank alcohol. I am still alive, I don't feel like dying no more. I ain't got no strength in my body, but everyone tells me I'll be all right. I am sleeping most of the time. I have no pain. I am good.

Update on my friend. On returning to the hospital in Berlin he was diagnosed with cancer; right lung, pancreas, and liver. He left Germany and went back to his home country of Bosnia. He heard of miracle cure by catholic enclave near Sarajevo and in desperation went there. They feed healthy healing foods and pray. He told me when a group he called "the healers" come and pray and lay their hands on him he feels warmth and better after. He said 80% prayers to Jesus, 20% to Mary. My last word from him was over 2 weeks ago. He told me then they were flying him and the group to Rome.

Very strange, for some reason my phone dropped ding dash again. Then gave me trouble signing in and then just popped back in. Maybe I needed a rest or maybe others did. Anyway I am back.

New info; Nermin discharged from hospital. Spent the day cleaning up from his employee girl friend trashing his apartment after using it for 5 days of partying. She broke into his safe stole money, jewelry, credit card, etc and slipped the country. Credit card last used in Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt before it was cancelled. Insult to injury! New faith being tested.

This guy just isn't getting off light; the enemy is coming at him. Just texted this yesterday after Doctors pushed off his release date again:

I am staying here. My lungs capacity is not healthy. It's not safe. It's not good for me. They are proposing some kind of surgery. I am so f$#%&^* down and so damn depressed right now that I understand why I can't open these damn windows. I am in this hospital for too damn long. Sorry for the language....

There is great fear in Germany among the vaccinated, the ones getting hit with COVID as did Nermin. The communicabilty is freaking the country out. Today the unvaccinated are not being allowed in recreational and social businesses. They may be making this man a Guinea pig and holding him unfairly or maybe it's purely spiritual. Prayer continuing.

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I'm really NOT into Christmas...

BUT I downloaded the "Christmas in China" mp3 songs from BTJ and I'm enjoying it!
I don't understand anything except, "Yesu" and that's good enough for me.

The same goes for the other worship songs I have in other languages.

"Yesaya, Isa, Yeshua, Yeshu"

Makes me feel more connected to the greater Body of Christ while enjoying different musical styles.

HE is the ONE who unifies us!

A praise report about one of my former translators on a Mission with the US Army in the peacekeeping NATO force in Bosnia back in 1996. His who I have mentioned asking for prayer for this young . He was on a ventilator. He is now an international attorney in Berlin Germany. he came out of this ventilator and texted me Hallelujah I feel so alive. Now I did not know where this came from although I had been spoon feeding him some of the Gospel as he got offended when I shared the gospel back in 1996 with him and turned me in to the authorities that I was under. So this response encouraged me to go ahead and just hit him Full Tilt like I did in Bosnia with the uncompromised gospel message. he responded with he wants me to personally baptize him in the river near my house in Tennessee when he comes here. Please pray now is Visa is approved by the government. Please also pray that the enemy does not steal kill or destroy or anyway interfere with this seed

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A german lady has my interpretei's computer and is telling me Doctor is optimistic due to Nermin being strong and healthy except for COVID; I am hoping she keeps updates coming. His has been a smoker-cultural problem. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

I have been reading CHINA AND END TIME PROPHECY. As I think about the persecuted church, it strikes me we could already be into the 70th week of Daniel. It's not at all dependent on our western take or ideas or teachings.

I just got this from my interpreter friend in Berlin:

It is 16.24 p.m. in Berlin, Germany. I couldn't sleep for two days now, cause I am suffocating while trying to breath. I was just told that I am going on a respirator. Looks like I caught this new type of virus. African.  My fucking luck. Hope I'll wake up. Thanks for everything Jim. God bless you your good soul and heart. I want you to know that I love you. So long my friend

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