Another group of believers will be facing the music this week in South Asia! Will you please pray for them ?

Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar with Buddhist majority, community pressure is quite heavier than persecution from the authorities.
Whereas Bangladesh is moderate as Muslims of the country are not radicalized.
The majority of the population fighting poverty, so no time to defend the religion.

India is a hard nut to Crack!
The present government represents the majority religion (Hinduism) , rather they hijacked the religion for their hidden agenda 🙄.
The intelligence training India receives from Israel.
Do you know that both India and Israel hates Muslims and Christians?
Common agenda is building the temple?

So remaining anonymous is for the benefit of ordinary believers, who are under pressure from the community, authorities and family members.

@mensajero Thank you for sharing. Please send specific details as DM - direct messages.

@mensajero thx for info.. Inpray the Gospel will reach all and many will believe!

@mensajero Praying for the protection of the believers and leaders.

@mensajero have met some precious people in Nepal and Myanmar. I will never forget one man I met in Myanmar that carried a picture of Jesus around in his wallet, not knowing who the picture was of, but carrying still in his wallet because there was something about this man, and he had to know who he was. The HUNGER for truth and life, and the deep heart cry inside of the hearts of people in closed nations is so intense. Father increase Your laborers in these nations where the harvest is ripe and white. 🙏🌏

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