If you have a reliable email account provider like Protonmail, this kind of mail will stay in your spam folder.
"I am Mrs Aminata Zongo, a personal Accountant/Executive board of Directors working with United bank for African Burkina Faso (UBA). I have an interesting business proposal for you that will be of immense benefit to both of us. Although this may be hard for you to believe, we stand to gain a huge amount between us in a matter of days. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. I need you to signify your interest by replying to my mail.

Honestly, i have business transaction worth the sum of (US$8,200,000.00) Eight Million two hundred thousand united state dollars to transfer to you through proper documentation in position of your own Account.
Mrs.Amita Zonko

🤣🤣 silly but feel sad for those who get cheated.

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@Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter @MaryMamuzich @sinbach well a miracle I experienced was as my a dog was attemptig to bite me I reminded him of Psalm 8 where it said I had dominion over him, he could not bite me. I felt his breath right up to my arm,he tried a few times but never could bite. I cautiously went on my way praising God and the dog went his way..

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I have NOT been vaccinated.
Go ahead and gasp in shock. I will wait.....
I am thinking about getting vaccinated.
NOW the other half of the room can gasp in shock.
I await ALL of your article links informing me how uninformed I am.
The truth is, I have spent the entire pandemic traveling the world. This year, in 2021, I have been on a plane flying to a different country about every week. I have been pretty irresponsible - speaking in large groups, hosting illegal meetings, not wearing a mask, hugging, shaking hands, licking door knobs - you know the usual.
I have also been tested more than anyone reading this post.
Let's be honest - there will a huge group of people celebrating when I finally get COVID.
But after traveling around the world, experiencing the lockdowns in China, US, and Europe as well as enjoying the relative freedom of movement in Sudan, Iraq, and Sweden - I have a few opinions.
You asked for them. Now you got them.

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Andy B 2 Minute Video, Baking Trays, Yorkies and Spiritual Growth, S4, E12


Andy B loves his kitchen, and he loves kitchen shops, or departments with cooking equipment in them.

For ages now, he has been trying to make Yorkshire Puddings, using his super cheap cupcake baking tray.

In one way it is perfectly functional – it has a number of bowl like shapes, that help Yorkshire Puddings grow into the right shape as they cook. But, on the other hand, it is super cheap, ultra thin metal, and has the non-stick ability of super glue!

So, Andy B finally invested in new baking trays to make his Yorkshire Puddings. And now, everything is all golden!

For a full transcript, or to listen to the podcast visit our website – berrybunch.family/andy-b-2-min

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Andy B

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No Longer Strangers
He turned to say: “Come follow me.”
I joined His band to travel land and sea.
And so we go to whom He sends,
No longer strangers; we’re sisters, brothers, friends.
I walked alone; I heard your cry.
I came to you instead of passing by.
We gave, we took; our story ends,
No longer strangers, we’re sisters, brothers, friends.
My world was small, my neighbors few.
But now God’s love gives me a larger view.
Before the cross my world extends,
No longer strangers, we’re sisters, brothers, friends

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SOS! A believer is on the run. He is falsly accused of murder.
The authorities are after the institution he is leading. Hefty bribe demand for out of court settlement.

A senior friend of ours, in his late eighties, lived in a foreign country half his life.

Led 100's of children to Christ, equipped the local leadership.
Married to his ministry never thought about retirement.

Remember him in your prayers.

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Did you see that North Korea lobbed up a couple of missiles? Few people noticed and that is a problem.

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Here in ancient Babylon, it hits me why the Tower of Babel NOT ONLY went against God's first command, BUT was a pre-emptive strike against the Great Commission.

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Looking so much forward to reading China and End-Time Prophecy by @sinbach (a very exciting title!) and a couple of other books that arrived today - all the way to Finland from the US. I'm not very ordinary when it comes to focus of interest. I'm more interested in facts and biographies than fiction. The latter, I get from movies.

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Please pray for believers from a restricted
country, where they lost their Elder few days ago. They are in big shock as the government denied Christian burial service and burned the body instead.

Bob & Brad - hope these funny guys will bring some relief to your sore backs !!!

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something is stinking!!! People died in hundreds, without Oxygen. While the Cows with Oxygen farted around!!!
Warning! This is not a copied article from Babylonian bee. This is from mainline media.

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We are on one of our biggest adventures right now. can't say much about it but would appreciate your prayers.

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Endurance, Season 3, Episode 2, Resisting Temptation


Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Explore with us as we look at ‘Resisting Temptation’, and how and why we do so.

Go Deeper with Andy B, as he talks about resisting temptation with James 4:7 and Matthew 4:1-11.

Read and Remember / Reflect and Respond

For a full transcript of Andy B’s , visit our website - berrybunch.family/godeeper-wit

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The BerryBunch

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Our Dave the Dog Summer Special here - Dave the Dog Goes Walkies

Watch on YouTube - youtu.be/ZDd_y5dCYZM

Read more on our website - berrybunch.family/story-time-w

In our special Summer Special, Jo Jo and Dave the Dog go for a walk.

What could possibly go wrong with Dave, sticks, trees, cows, crocodiles and tea!

They meet up, but not everything works out quite as planned. Dave over does it, and Jo helps calm his nerves from all the wild animals out to get him!

The BerryBunch

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