my BTJ app just now unusable and not available to re-download on iPhone? So only available now through login on web? I just used not too long ago!

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Just listened to. I’m behind. Pricked my heart 😭 I was also reminded of not kerri f your left hand know what the right is doing —-and after listening to podcast I “just happened” to read this article in BGZ that goes right with it!
Yes Lord - what now?

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There is so much grief in my heart. I am grieving the loss of my stepdad. I am grieving for what my mother is currently going through. All I want is to take her home and make a home for her.

I spent the past 4 days and nights with her at the care home, holding her as she grieved at night. I’ve an inside view now, and I don’t want her there. I sill believe she needs to be with family.

She is also starting to wonder if God has abandoned her, she’s lost her husband, dogs, and home all at once.

Please pray for a miracle, that God makes a way for her to be with me. She needs to be with family that loves her. I don’t want the hardest time of her life, at 80 years of age, to be compounded by her being in a carehome. Needing some miracles from God and a path forward.

Also please pray for protection from Covid, a nurse there just came down with Covid, don’t want the facility to be locked down to where she can’t see me, or for her to get Covid and they stop me from seeing her 😭💔

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@natness1 refusing to be woke - but awaken! - i am going to use that. that is a good way to put it.

@sinbach stock show? Rangers? or maybe land stealers? church on every corner. 🙏where revival could spread and a great sending come forth- NOW Lord! Jew first and then Gentile. Unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace - refusing to be woke but awaken. a place where I call on the name of the LORD and be sent out once again. Meet the JETsons. and Jetison me outta here

celebrating 5th birthday! 1st pedi and reading The courage to obey.

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Please for my U friend. She has been taken to labor camp twice since 2017. She was released some time ago. She has a lot of financial problems now.

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did you notice the prayer hand icons below?! so cool

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