Tomorrow the Finnish Parliament are having their last discussions about a new transgender law that they will vote about on Wednesday. This time it's about changing your gender. If it passes through, that would mean that a person can officially and by law change one's gender simply by making an announcement; no need to see any doctor anymore (two doctors' approval is needed now). And it would be possible to change your gender ones' a year! 🀯πŸ€ͺ
Please God give some common sense to the Parliament so this madness will stop. πŸ™

What this new law would mean in practice, I believe we can't even imagine what doors it would open. For example, if a man changes his gender to be a woman (he doesn't even need to be a transsexual at all) then he (now "she") will have full access into women's locker and showerrooms.
What about women's right for safety and privacy??

@sarikorpi this is insane

Scotland wanted to do something similar. Thankfully the British government stepped in and over ruled.

It's utter madness!

@Berrybunchfamily I'm happy to hear that they managed to stop it. In Finland the situation is bad, as it is especially the government (majority of it) that is boosting it and pushing it forward. Only two parties in the opposition (the Christian party and the Finns party) are openly trying to stop it from going through.

We can only cry out to God to open the eyes of the Parliament. πŸ™

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