Did you know that 120 000 Polish refugees from Russian WW2 labor camps were taken in by Iran after 1941?

Here is a testimony of one of them:
“Life in Iran was quiet and peaceful. In 1943, I joined the Association of Polish Scouts. I studied English. Isfahan, the city of my youth, was beautiful. We got to know the customs of the Persians, taking what was good for ourselves. We were driven to the swimming pool and the bathhouse twice a week. Archbishop Marina has hired seven coaches to allow us to visit the wonderful old Isfahan monuments. Time was spent studying, scouting exercises and Polish folk dances in regional costumes. We organized "Jasełek" and performed in the theater. We were often visited by various dignitaries, church and lay people - there was also the Shah of Iran with his entourage."

@tymektt wow, I had no idea of that! Why did they end up in Iran? Do you know what happened to them later? Did they stay in Iran for generations? They had a seemingly good life there, but things changed for the worse for all living there. Where did you find the text that you are quoting?

@tymektt Do interesting, I pray that one day the glory of Iran will once again be restored.

@tymektt my sister's father was a survivor of the camps . A polish man who lied and said he was Czech only reason he wasn't killed.

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