My Gift to YOU!

This winter quarter I taught two classes in Clinical Nutrition at South Baylo University. To celebrate the end of a successful quarter, I’m posting my 800 page Herbal Medicine book as a free download on Monday March 6th (one day only).


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"There's nobody like you Jesus", sings one of the biggest popstars of our time. Thank you Justin Bieber for sharing the good news with young people!

Beautiful worship in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Korean and Persian.

Hello, 48. You kinda snuck up on me but you really don't seem different from 47.

Nicholas is a graduate of Harvard and the CMM College of Theology and has a vast knowledge of the Bible and world history. He shares pertinent, historical background on the crisis in Ukraine.

The coming night and tomorrow day are critical moments. At stake is everything, what the whole civilisized world believes and what it has built so far.

With tears in our eyes we request you, no matter on what time zone you are in, to spend time in prayer and fasting in front of God. 🙏

Pray the Lord to protect us from insane armies, which wants to mock at the cost of faith and God's truth.

We ask you to share this message to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances in Europe, Asia, America and all over the world!

Prayer is stronger than the strongest enemy🙏🙏🙏!

Your brothers and sisters from Ukraine 💙💛

I just a moment ago received a forwarded message in Finnish from Christians in Ukraine. I made my own translation of it to English (as best as I could) to post it also here:

An urgent message from
Vitaly Orlov

Sumy's Christian church's
Verkhovna Rada, Kiev

Beloved friends, brothers and sisters from all over the world.

We appeal to you in this dark time for all of us, when the black clouds of bombs cover the sun over our capital city.

This night the elite specialforces of the Russian federation together with Tsetsenian units attacks one of the world's oldest (from 400 A.C) and most beautiful cities, the spiritual capital of East-Europe - Kiev🇺🇦.

At this moment there are streetfights going on in Kiev. Everyone who are able to hold a gun in their hands; even senior citizens, students and pupils, have raised up to defend the city.


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