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I got into the website. I spelled Torben with an /i/ instead of an /e/.
I talked with one of the speakers at the BTJ conference about this who will contact the ACLJ to see what can be done.
If I hear anything I'll let you all know.
It's important to do only spirit led actions because after hearing testimonies from some of the speakers, when outside attention was given them things got worse for them while in jail.

The day is coming and is already here where anything that violates the constitution of the United States of Big Data will be prohibited as “hate speech”

If you’re using Google drive to store things that matter to you - especially if those things are not popular with those in power today, you would be wise to back it up somewhere else.

Sometimes when you sell everything and move to another country, you wind up on top of the dam in a wadi on the Arabian peninsula.

If something took out all of the electricity today, the only evidence that I have done anything worthwhile in the past 20 years would be my children. All of my work would disappear.

Just a little puerh tea to tide me over until time for more coffee….. @tymektt

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@katharos er............ok.......well, that's one way of fulfilling your order 🤣

Andy B

I don’t even know how I could have done this differently 😂
My family is in the middle of relocating to a new country, and we are working on setting up our house but we don’t have anything in the kitchen yet, so we ordered some soup and flatbread from a local restaurant.
In the comment section of my order I put “spoons please“

This is what I got. Send help.

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Have you seen this?
Check out the trailer.
This movie is a mind-blasting, heart tearing and tear squeezing masterpiece of war & rescue documentary


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@katharos @tymektt what the????
that made my year!!!!!
I'm putting my clothes back on as I speak!

*for some reason when I open this link the date at the top of the page is 2021 - but you can see in the article itself the attacks are 19 June

This is so great. Happened in Italy. I cannot picture a similar scene in the USA on the east or west coast - everyone is either woke or paralyzed. Maybe in a flyover state you’d see people moving little punk kids off the road.

The USA is FINALLY dropping the inbound testing requirement!!! Really hoping that they also get rid of the vaccine requirement for non-citizens.


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Today as we join our fellowships, let us life our brothers and sisters living in extreme persecution in Nigeria

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