Can someone recommend a safe Christian website hosting service?

Major dust storm blew in from Mongolia today! It was off the scales for the air quality monitors. Bad is 250. Today was 1899! Orphans from an orphanage we go to said children with respiratory issues needed to be on oxygen and one was rushed to emergency.


Marcus, you have my sympathy and my prayers.

If anyone has some prayers to spare, please send prayers for my niece. She is 40 with 3 young children and they have been unable to diagnose what is wrong except possibly some sort of autoimmune deficiency. Mayo Clinic has run a ton of tests as have others.The pain when she eats is incredible so she cannot eat and cannot keep food down. This has been two years. She is barely hovering above 100 pounds.

@tanjaostman thank you for posting this. I feel for Soheila. I praise the Lord the work He's doing through her. I live in the UK, and the situation is similar, but I think not as bad as Sweden. "Remember what I told you: “A servant is not greater than his master.” If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also." (John 15:20) I was called to distribute scripture cards to Muslim areas in the UK.

Please pray; I got laid off from my job at the Bar Harbor Inn last Friday due to a COVID scare, and am seeking to know what His next step is for me.
In my life, I've made my most expensive mistakes by wanting my will more than His. (Psalm 106:13-15) I SO don't want to do this in this season!
The biggest challenge I'm facing is that my work provides my housing; otherwise, I don't have anything. They are letting me stay, but I have to pay the rent somehow. Should I stay, or be released to have a place of my own?
Please pray for God to provide a beautiful place to call home.
Thank you, DingDash Family...

Have you seen yet?
Looks pretty nice and states to be supporting free speech. Plus, claims secure.

Please pray for our brother Voddie Baucham, a faithful minister of the Gospel. He recently discovered he has heart failure and is returning to the USA for tests and treatment. This is a bold and courageous warrior for the Lord. Join me in praying for his health and recovery!

New announcement. A new study indicates that wearing three masks is safer than two

@sinbach Well said. Absolutely right, it's no use waiting for things to go back to the way they were in 2019, God is doing a new thing. Time we caught up

California is lifting ALL lock down orders even though numbers are STILL up and a new "deadly" strand of the virus is now spreading.
What changed?
Gov. Newsom gave covid update every day up till 10 days ago.
Now Gov. Newsom hasn't made one peep on TV about the virus in 10 days.
What changed?
ICU capacity is still at same or lower capacity than before the lock downs, but now it is ok to open restaurants, hair salons, church services?
What changed?

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