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JOIN Us for PRAYER AT THE HEART OF NEW MEXICO, Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, 10am-4pm MY @ Sloan-Simpson Park in Corona, NM, INVITE Others + SPREAD THE WORD & PRAY We need Prayer Teams from ALL 33 Counties to come from ALL 4 Corners of the state and from N, E, W & S to meet in the center of NM for a solemn assembly/holy convocation, a day of prayer, worship, praise, communion and fellowship with ALL the saints of New Mexico!

Please pray for Abbie, a young lady I met today. Abbie is homeless, begging on the streets and living in a tent. She has a daughter who is living without her mum. Abbie wants to be housed and to get her daughter back.

Please pray for Abbie's heart to soften to the gospel; for the Lord to have mercy on her and help straighten her out; for her to be rehoused and restored to her daughter; and anything else the Lord leads you to pray.

Thank you!

The slow and steady progress of mentoring local leadership is happening in the leased farm. garden trial (Back to Eden) Garden model doing well! Thank you friends for the prayers and investment.

Happy Easter to all my lovely DD family!
Sins washed away & we have been set free!
Let us walk in the light as he walks. I pray for all our friends and relatives that do not as of yet know Christ that by the glory that Christ shines through us they too will give their life to him.

Bundle up and have a picnic!
The sun was in and out and a little cooler than we wanted to admit but what a good day we had with my mom!

Last year all my wonderful DD brothers and sisters were praying for my daughter and granddaughter to survive an extremely different delivery. Today Kynlee turned one and she is beautiful and healthy and so is my daughter.
I thank God for DD! A place that brings us together from around the world to love and hold each other up in prayer. Praise God for saving the life of this tiny child that has my heart wrapped around her tiny finger!

My Mom loved this book! She is going to give it to her church library.

Please pray for Miss.Y, student in a safe country. Father pastoring a Church and leading people to Christ in a hostile community.

Please pray for my husband this weekend he feels led to share the gospel with a few specific people. Thanks!! 🙏🏻

An average of 200 Children go missing in India every day

In 2019, about 73,138 children were reportedly missing. This means that an average of 200 children were reported missing each day and 8 each hour. The concerning aspect of this is that 71% of this number are girls. Girls made up 52,049 missing cases in 2019 while boys accounted for 21,074 cases. It has also been reported that 15 transgender children went missing in 2019. Compared to 2018, the total number of cases of missing children increased by almost 9%. The number of missing boys increased by 6.5% while that of missing girls increased by over 10%.

I received 4 copies and the first goes to my favorite gal- my sweet Mom!!!

While most people are celebrating international women’s day, South Korea has a presidential election today. Please pray for Korea, that it will have God’s choice in the office and that they will have humility and wisdom to lead this nation to freedom in the near future.

@Pablito we could play this game all day long talking about the failure of leadership, but let's not piss around the bush here - PUTIN has been shutting down churches, persecuting believers, attacking Christians, and hunting evangelists. Human trafficking? Russia is a top TIER 3 nation for human trafficking - the top rating that you can get - according to a study conducted by Ivanka Trump. We just brought a team of Russian believers together last month to find ways around the Russian government persecution because it has gotten so bad under Putin. What Russia is doing in the Ukraine is supported by China, North Korea, and Iran - that should give you all the information you need to know - right there. Russia is supporting operations in Syria to attack Israel - yes the land of Magog is attacking Israel, but no please, tell me more about how the Prez of the Ukraine, a Jew coming from a family that died in the Holocaust and is now fighting for his nation is just as bad as Putin.

Please pray now brethren:
From BBC News now -
Vladimir Putin says he is moving the country's nuclear deterrent to 'special alert'
He says it's a response to Nato "aggression", including statements and sanctions

The coming night and tomorrow day are critical moments. At stake is everything, what the whole civilisized world believes and what it has built so far.

With tears in our eyes we request you, no matter on what time zone you are in, to spend time in prayer and fasting in front of God. 🙏

Pray the Lord to protect us from insane armies, which wants to mock at the cost of faith and God's truth.

We ask you to share this message to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances in Europe, Asia, America and all over the world!

Prayer is stronger than the strongest enemy🙏🙏🙏!

Your brothers and sisters from Ukraine 💙💛

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