My doctor diagnosed me with Covid because! I am having stomach issues for weeks now

It's time to seek real help!


Exo 15:26: "...I am the LORD that healeth thee."


Isa 53:5: ...with his stripes we are healed.


Mat 8:17: That it might be fulfilled... saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

telling the church to accept the 2000yold fact:

1Pet 2:24: ... by whose stripes ye were healed.

I'm going to meditate on those truths.

I'd like to share a message @sinbach wrote to me a while ago. But it's good for everybody:

"...Who are the Christians in the Bible? Its not enough to identify as one. Its not enough so simply say it - Christians were identified by one thing.... those following Jesus. Our doctrine is one of . following is'nt easy. It's simple, but not easy.
...You can also embrace the correct doctrine, confess with your lips, and not be a follower. We must be ."

Thank you again, brother!

I found a group of people who meet every other week in a park about 30min from my home to openly worship Christ in prayer and song, apart from "sterile" Church environment.
They are very imperfect, can't really sing, don't even do Bible studies, just read a verse or two. YET it was a great honour to openly proclaim Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and King in a fear-struck world.
Hey, and to give Brothers and Sisters a hug again. I almost forgot how good that is. :)


@linxglory I just wanted to say hi, because we have two things in common: Jesus is my Savior too. And I use Linux. :)

kind regards from Germany
stay blessed

That riddle came to me when I stared at the sky for long enough :)

When God created the heaven and the earth, we were not there. We would have been totally useless.
We came when God manifested His wrath upon sin. Since then we are a crucial supporter of life.
We are a multitude yet we are unique. We defy gravity. But not always, because we like to stay an interesting paradox until the plan of salvation has reached is end.
Then, we won't be needed again - and probably vanish unnoticed...

The , already fulfilled?

Col 1:23: "... the gospel, which ye have heard, and which to every creature which is under heaven; whereof I Paul am made a minister;"

Col 1:5-6: "... the gospel; Which is come unto you, as it ; and bringeth forth fruit, as it doth also in you..."

What are your thoughts?

On March 11, @weavers4jesus wrote:
"We became known as the family that cares for orphans."

What a witness!

Please know that I will remember your family in prayer!

The irony of globalism is that people grow lonely.

Lonely missionary families at the front line.
Lonely singles living alone.
Lonely church members, separated by social distancing.
Lonely parents with their kids being anywhere but reachable.
Loneliness because of unnecessary theological separation.

So many more lonely people for various reasons.

We need to keep this topic in prayer. It is a huge problem!!! May Jesus be our best friend and comfort and peace.

Praise God, Bishaka's deception over the Ugandan people will hopefully cease. I know much prayer and evangelism must be done to counter all his years of lies and false miracles. As the gospel continues to go forth, I hope that you can demonstrate and preach in power, by the Holy Ghost, how God raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead and He lives forevermore!
Thank you for sharing, brother.

Sometimes, God uses the cry of birds and the itching stings of moskitos to wake you up real early.

A good time to pray or read His Word!

to anyone who is willing:
I'm so worldly again and most of the time I don't even see it. Please keep me in prayer that I might turn away from worlds vain attractions daily.

I want to be nearer to Christ. Nearer, still nearer...

No drums, no beats.
No stage, no lights.

But a godly prayer reflecting the Glory of God in a humble, peaceful manner.

I believe we used to call this: .

Ps 37:4
"Delight yourself in the LORD.
And He !
Will !
give you the desires of your heart!"

I just watched this experience on false spirits within the Church of Jesus Christ:

@Knittinggrace I was at the dentist this morning when I got into trouble with the lady at the desk for these things:

First, I didn't want to desinfect my hands with their chemo-gel-trash. (I do use better stuff like sterilium at work - I'm not against desinfection at the proper place&time)

Second, as she inspected me a little closer: she saw that my mask wasn't all tight (I always cheat a little so that air flows better from the bottomside - usually noone sees that) so I got blamed for that again.

Third, she got an idea and looked at me like I was from Mars: "You're probably no vaccinated either, right?" I kindly responded that I'm not totally against all vaccinations, but that there's too much wrong with what they force on us at the moment.

I'm glad for the strength I had this morning and also got my fillings fixed. But it's still in my thoughts.
Satan gives Power of to those who align with him. I'd rather be a fool for Jesus' sake.

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