We've been called to Life....which is actually a call to walk in the Love of God toward ALL.

Many people know about the Nazi Concentration camps, but did you know that many of those camps were still used by the Communists after WWII?
Communists have worked hard to keep you from knowing.
In our latest BTJ podcast, book author joins us to share about Russian concentration camp survivor that warns Christians of the dangers of some of the most disturbing trends in the church.

I sense a strong weariness among the saints of God. Keep up the battle, even if being on our knees is the only thing we can do at times. Ask for wisdom for where you are to put in you efforts and be involved in transforming your community.

And in the meantime, encourage yourself in the Lord. We cannot wait for others to encourage us - though that is wonderful! Remember, you are not alone...Yeshua is your two...and Holy Spirit...and Father!

Galatians 6 says "So let us not grow weary of doing what is good; for if we don’t give up, we will in due time reap the harvest. Therefore, as the opportunity arises, let us do what is good to everyone, and especially to the family of those who are trustingly faithful."

Amen. Glory to God.

The lack of support of Israel is disturbing. Have we forgotten our precious scriptures in that God has made a forever covenant with this nation? This nation is the apple of His eye! And those of use who are in Christ have been adopted and grafted into this family of Israel. So, if you are a Believer in Yeshua, then you are part of the nation of Israel. You have inherited the blessings of Abraham. And what of Palestine? The Palestinian people need to hear the gospel of Jesus and we should pray that they choose to receive this Truth. Once they do, then they are one with all Believers as they are also now grafted and adopted into the family of God and inherit the blessings of Israel. Also, let us not forget that Israel is RESPONDING to the ongoing attacks by its neighbors who have a deep and unending hatred for their nation and won't stop until all are dead. Israel is willing to live with their neighbors, but Palestine is not willing to live in peace with Israel. Peace to Jerusalem.

Please pray for an aged Gospel worker, he remained a bachelor to care for orphans.
Left his homeland and settled among the people group he adopted.
He is on treatment for prostate related issues. Restless and sad as there are no visitors. Dementia, even gets paranoid sometimes.
Please pray for Divine health and peace.

Love, love, LOVE our God! Every day I keep hearing about how faithful and amazing He is. Today, I'm simply blown away that God is who He is and that He chose me. No specific reason. He's just so amazing that words are trivial and completely inadequate to declare the adoration in my heart for Yeshua, the Father, and Holy Spirit.

Why watchman née was arrested part a:

“On this day in 1952, Watchmen Nee was arrested and charged as a lawless capitalist. The communist media informed the world of the “crimes of Watchmen Nee,” citing many hundreds of alleged crimes and vices.

Among his crimes: He envisioned evangelizing all of China in the 1930s. He relentlessly encouraged Shanghai Christians to share their faith. His words were hard to ignore: ‘Because you are not witnessing, many have not heard the Gospel. They will be eternally separated from God. What a consequence of our apathy! This is my challenge to you. Witness to at least one person a day. Witness to whomever you meet. It is time for us to put feet to our faith.’ “

Please pray for France for the next couple days. There is a bill they are debating that will put a lot of restrictions on churches over there. The video explains the bill and how it will impact churches.


Hallelujah. In the midst of all the "God-talk" and spirituality popping up everywhere - may the God of Truth overshadow the father of lies. May the SPIRIT OF HOLINESS shine much brighter.

I have to be honest, as I "briskly" walk the streets here, the anger of my presence is palpable and is made vocal with hisses and unintelligible comments, but the love of Christ is greater. Hate is the sign of darkness and the greater the darkness the greater the need for the love of Christ. The carnal mind rejects the idea of sacrificial love but the enemy's aggression against it is a testimony to its power.

Hey ding Dash family, just wanted to list everyone up in Praise, and to know that our father is with you, I felt the need to send this to everyone across the globe, And to tighten up your armor, and to sharpen your swords,
Do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything [every circumstance and situation] by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, continue to make your [specific] requests known to God.

@weavers4jesus I just heard China has entered Myanmar. Is this correct? How are you all doing?

Missionaries in Myanmar: PART 1
“Dear loving Brethren,
I am writing this Report with a broken and trembling heart.My eye is filled with sadness and tears of hurt. First of all I want to beg you to pray for our safety and protection.
The military has taken control and is killing civilians. Everyday we needed to collect dead bodies on the road with tears and pains.Banks are being shut down, and it isn’t easy to get online.
Everywhere is filled with smoke and fire as factories are burned and destroyed.Thousands of people don’t have work,food,and a place to stay now.Almost all of our church members ran back to their village. There is neither market nor a shop where we can buy food because every road is blocked.How long will we last if it continues like this!?
Just a while ago, the soldiers’ truck came and stopped near our house. We were terrified; they captured six people who were having tea in the shop. God is my only Hope.

You can attend a large church, house church, small group, be in a marriage, friendships, etc...and still have no FELLOWSHIP. Better to have FELLOWSHIP with one than be in a room filled with people, and find yourself alone.

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