@messenjahofchrist A very enlightening and interesting article! It gives a glimpse of hope that ordinary users can make impact... I didn't think it was possible at all. Do you believe in data poisoning and agree with this article?

@messenjahofchrist @sinbach interesting

I tried switching from chrome to firefox (having been inspired to look at what we use - by one of Eugene's posts on technology) but gave up...it wouldn't let me upload photos to DingDash!

In the end I've moved over to brave, which seemed a reasonable choice cos we can sync between devices.

Tutanota for emails comes next (been trialling that and proton mail, and went my personal preference)

Thing is, it really IS hard switching - I totally agree!!

Tutanota for emails, for example, can't be used in wordpress as they labelled it a source of spam (or so I read).

Since we have a website, two FB accounts, 2 X Instagram accounts and a YouTube account, thet is a limit to how far we can go without spending lots of money.

And I guess that that is the rub for many folks.

I can easily do live streams via our website, but the cost is prohibitive

Thanks for sharing

Andy B

@messenjahofchrist @sinbach fact is, it's a lost fight because people don't care to be saved from it.

If they would, they'd use w3m or links on a Linux shell to get the information they need and be content with it.
Its so much more fun to get oneself bombarded by vanity & danger 2.0

@erdenpilger @sinbach πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you're right, my friend. There are some, though, that have no idea of what is happening with their info

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