@Olamide I pray God strengthen and go before you as you minister The Gospel message! I pray God open hearts to receive, believe, repent and be baptized , then live for our Lord Jesus and be blessed! Stay strong in the Lord!

The surgery went very well, pain was there post surgery. Now recovering. Thank you DDians for your earnest prayers.

@DevotionalTreasures Good thoughts ..I hope to sow many good seeds to bless others in Christ!

@DevotionalTreasures Hi I miss seeing your posts.. hope all is well with you! I pray God bless and keep you dear brother in the Lord!

We don't know, whether to pray and stop the rains or thank God for the delayed work!!!

(Representative Picture)
A group of women leaders are undergoing a special program enjoying powerful sessions.

Unseasonal showers interrupting life. Elderly, farmers, orphans are affected. Please Pray!

Shalom Siblings.

You may have heard about the heavy/destructive flooding in Pakistan.

Received these pictures from the Sanghar City of the Sindh Province, Pakistan where two Pastors Niaz Pauloos (Paul) & Eliah Shahbaz (Elijah) are ministering. Please see if anyone feel the burden to help & support these people who are in crucial need. Blessings & Shalom

Please pray for Pakistan, many villages have been destroyed and wiped out from the surface of earth and many people and specially children died due to heavy flood. And it is still a lot of rain.

I thank Our Heavenly Father for Blessing me with a Brother Like Brother Iain McClain @speakthetruth. He is my Boss/Friend & Brother in Yehoshua HaMishiach. I pray for immense Blessings of the Heavenly Father for Brother Iain & His Entire Family & Belongings.

Pray for Tahir and for Latif Masih, both long-term members and dear friends of ours and the CMM Global Family, giving aid to many brethren who lost their homes, animals, and livelihood. NEW BLOG POST christsmandate.blogspot.com/20

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