Please pray for Brother Ren the translator of Brother Yun. They were on their last evening of tour in Sweden when he grew really sick. He has a fever and sore throat. He has had heart surgery and has a pace maker.
Thanks for the prayers.

@sinbach I will pray!
Please check out the letter that I posted.
It's a well written letter from the archbishop.
He calls out some globalist by name and gives details. He seems to trust the Lord.
You probably know this but I have never seen anyone in religious leadership spell it out like this.Sandy

What do you think about that Open Letter to President Trump from the archbishop?

@Keeper I didnt read the letter but listened to the video twice that was posted where Weston, clearly a Catholic, read part of it. I remember no individual names of globalists/elitists given, but only conflicting, confusing statements and vague references, open to wide interpretation. Bottom line... the Catholic Hierarchy is/are the elitists backed up by 1700 or more years of history. I think @Rinati, @Knittinggrace and many others know this. I encourage you to read all our posts and...

@xixiangdong @Rinati @Knittinggrace
He names the current pope, the prime Minister(s) and president (s) of France, Spain, by name, and Bill Gates. He also acknowledged the deep church and the group that controls much of the Vatican. Maybe this archbishop is a rare one doesn't approve of the globalist in the RC church and knows they are part of the fake church.

@Keeper Are you talking about the letter or the Weston video? The Jesuits control the Vatican with their consent. So you agree that the Catholic Church is a fake church?

I am referring to the letter that is mentioned on the in like Flint post that shows the picture of the archbishop which was mentioned on Lou Dobbs. The title of the post is On Lou less.

@Keeper I read your answer but was not sure if you agreed. Do you think the Catholic Church is a real church or fake church?

There is only 1 TRUE church and it is the body of Christ
That body is made up of those who love and obey the Lord Jesus and his commands.
It's not a denomination.
If you truly love our heavenly Father with all your heart, mind, and spirit and love your neighbor as yourself and believe in his precious Son who died for the atonement of sin then you are part of the true church .
I don't know if that answers your question.
Maybe we are not defining the same thing?

@Keeper No, it does not answer my question, and I think you know that.

Actually, I think we are saying the same thing in different ways. Any thing or any person that doesn't follow the commands of Jesus the Messiah and love and honor His Father and are drawn to them by the Holy Spirit are not true.
Isn't that what you are saying?

@Keeper Not really. I KNOW that the R.C. Institution is the ultimate fake church and so do many others. The rest of the Believers need to believe and quit being deceived

@Keeper @Rinati @Knittinggrace ....and check out the discourses and writings of ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera which will lead you straight back to Scripture and . Get them before they become hard to find

@xixiangdong @Rinati @Knittinggrace
The article posted in the defenseoftruth
Is well written and documented.

@sinbach praying Isaiah 40:31 , May he regain his strength and continue his journey with good health. In Jesus Name.
those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary

Father, I lift brother Ren to you today, that he be healed in Jesus name. Raise him up

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