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I want to recommend a chat room developed by my friend, Chris, an American Christian brother living in Indonesia.

It is simple to use, and you can talk to people all over the world for FREE, in the chat rooms or privately, like a phone call.

Just go to

Works on Android, Windows and maybe others. If you have trouble, people will help you.

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We are anointed to carry on Christ's ministry just like he did... if only i had known when i was younger!

T.L. Osborn proved it. Have a look.

Acts chapter one

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There is overwhelming scientific and historical evidence you can fast out a cancer in 21 to 40 days...only water.

And with faith in Christ and prayer??...with God all things are possible IF YOU BELIEVE. James 5. Lord, forgive us our wrongs.

North Koreans continue to risk their lives and imprisonment in China, to escape the growing famine in their own country.

What you 👂 in 🌙 , 🎺 from the 🏠 top -Jesus

Praying for open doors to reach out this hill community. *'Rice Christians' in the region are a major stumbling block.
*people who become Christians to receive monetary benefits from the western missionaries.

Dear prayer warriors, please continue to pray for my daughter's healing and for wisdom and God's direction for my husband and I as we seek where to get the care that will be best for her. We've been praying for a healing miracle and will plan to continue to do so. God is more than able. We need Him desperately.

Dear DingDash family, please keep us in your prayers today. I am here in the US writing Meriam Ibrahim's story. Not an easy story. Yesterday was filled with emotion and tears as Meriam talked about being born in a refugee camp, her father brutally murdering her aunt for an honor killing, her mother being tied up for two days and raped, and her running away and hiding to escape circumcision - only to be forcefully dragged back to the village and the Muslim elders publicly witnessing her genital mutilation - and this was all before she was even 7 years old!
We can use all the prayers we can get for this project.

Missionaries in Myanmar: PART 1
“Dear loving Brethren,
I am writing this Report with a broken and trembling heart.My eye is filled with sadness and tears of hurt. First of all I want to beg you to pray for our safety and protection.
The military has taken control and is killing civilians. Everyday we needed to collect dead bodies on the road with tears and pains.Banks are being shut down, and it isn’t easy to get online.
Everywhere is filled with smoke and fire as factories are burned and destroyed.Thousands of people don’t have work,food,and a place to stay now.Almost all of our church members ran back to their village. There is neither market nor a shop where we can buy food because every road is blocked.How long will we last if it continues like this!?
Just a while ago, the soldiers’ truck came and stopped near our house. We were terrified; they captured six people who were having tea in the shop. God is my only Hope.

In Nigeria, Christian persecution rose by 60% last year and nearly half of Christians killed for their faith worldwide were killed in Nigeria.
Our brothers and sisters need our prayers.

A nice, concise overview of the history of and his people in in the last 2000 years by a Westerner. in Beijing. 2003. Thanks for the info you crazy westerner who likes to call himself Eugene!

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PLEASE pray for me for healing, give me some good advice or pray that I find a holistic practitioner that’s not into the occult. I am over all healthy and have never been on regular medication. BUT the last few years I have had hormonal migraine from hell. The last few months it’s been more frequent than ever. The pain is so intense that I cry and count the seconds. Sometimes I throw up 2-20 times/day. When I don’t have migraine, I am doing well. The doctors prescribe only painkillers (not help with the root cause), that mostly don’t help. I have found a nose spray that costs 15 euros/dose. It helps, and makes me drugged. I don’t want to poison my body. I have struggled in life, but now I just want to do so much – not laying in bed for a day or two. I believe in supernatural healing, and have seen it. But so far I’ve never received quick solutions from the Lord – he is teaching me about the roots, not just cutting of branches. But this lesson is already learned. I'm so tired of it.

ILA needs a miraculous healing. Her family was beaten up for following Jesus. They were under pressure to offer a sacrifice to the deities they followed earlier. The family refused to do so.
Pray for a complete healing of ILA from her sickness and full restoration of health.

I was struck yesterday by a Scripture i had forgotten about. "Pray that we might be delivered from wicked and evil men because many do not have faith" says Paul to the church in Thessalonica (2Thess3). I have been compelled to pray this for me and my loved ones over the last few years because things were so bad, not even realizing that I was quoting the New Testament.

When people in the U. S. ask me if i need prayer or what they can pray for, sometimes i hesitate to give them details because many believers lack wisdom and understanding, even of this simple Scripture and what really goes on here in the U. S. I know, because I used to be one of them.

When people ask me to pray or I when I ask them, i may still give details, but for clarity and simplicity, i think i will start quoting this Scripture more and those similar like in Romans 15 and Thess. 5. They are good ones..Ongoing blessings. @Rinati @Olamide @MaryMamuzich @Cherishingsparrows2020 @Jubilee @Knittinggrace and everyone

@sinbach I couldnt find any update on brother Ren after you said to pray because he was sick. What happened and how is he? Thanks.

@sinbach I couldnt find any update on brother Ren after you said to pray because he was sick. What happened and how is he? Thanks.

Urgent prayer request, for believers among Somali people. As they are imprisoned and persecuted with high risk🙏🙏!

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