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We are anointed to carry on Christ's ministry just like he did... if only i had known when i was younger!

T.L. Osborn proved it. Have a look.

Acts chapter one

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There is overwhelming scientific and historical evidence you can fast out a cancer in 21 to 40 days...only water.

And with faith in Christ and prayer??...with God all things are possible IF YOU BELIEVE. James 5. Lord, forgive us our wrongs.

Robert Eugene @Sinobach harps about the censorship of Facebook and Twitter, yet censors everyone on the Back to Jerusalem Youtube channel. What's wrong with this picture?


It seems that world authorities are giving their best to show who they really adore and what plans they intend to pursue.

I feel like I have the best wife ever!

Unfortunately I grew up seeing a lot of bad attitudes and criticisms one for another in my parents, probably more so in my mom than dad.
But thank God that He has given me a humble wife with a great big heart to serve our family and she's so tender and considerate with her words, just to mention a few things. There are many, many, many other attributes/things about her that I love, but I don't want to sound boastful.
Only to boast upon the Lord Jesus Christ!
Praise God, the Word of God is true! He is Faithful!

Advice for wives:
When a woman desires to change a man, she is essentially communicating an attitude of superiority towards him. “If only he was as neat/spiritual/smart/thoughtful as I am!”
Her demands, criticisms, not-so-subtle hints, comparisons, and constant nagging accomplish nothing. Instead of eliciting a change within his heart, these tactics almost always have the opposite effect.
More than anything else, a man wishes to be accepted for who he is. Instead of focusing on any faults, a woman can accept her man by always seeking to look towards his better side.
In respecting his convictions, preferences, dreams, abilities and ways of doing things, she communicates both honor and respect.
Learning how to be an excellent wife requires a tremendous amount of humility. Without this foundation, change will be difficult! A woman striving for virtue must always possess a teachable heart. Only then can she ever hope to be her husband’s crown and dearest companion.
-Paulina M. Prieto

@sigsegv When I was going strong, as white I liked to play queens gambit or pq4, then nkb3 (forgot the name) and did pretty well. As black I hated to play against pk4, but would usually respond with sicilian def. or pk4. Don't play anymore... too much other important stuff to do.

@sigsegv So you re a chess master! Years ago I had an older friend who loved to play chess and started a club in our town. I remember his first rated tournament. He beat a high class A player who was almost an expert, Bill, who couldn't believe what happened to him. It was the biggest upset that hosting club had ever seen. The we went to a simultaneous exhibition at Texas Tech Univ. where grandmaster Larry Christenson played about 100 people at once. I watched my friend play and toward the end of the middle game, my friend managed to get one or two points ahead with an excellent position much to my surprise. I studied it and told him he could win if he kept on and didnt loose his cool, because as more people were eliminated, you had less time before the master got back around to you. But, alas, my buddy choked in the endgame and ended up loosing! Not one man (I don't believe there were any women there) beat Larry, but I still believe to this day, my friend could have.

Struggling to find proper mental health services for my adult autistic sister. Literally, the ER doesn't even know how to properly refer her to what she needs. Any suggestions for places in central NJ would be much appreciated. She is verbal but very closed off from people and it seems like most therapists don't know how to communicate with her.

What a week I'm having!! My 91 year old mom has covid, along with my two sister, my brother and his girlfriend...I was with them, even -sat between my sisters and didn't catch it. My better half lost his vision in one eye and my puppy got very sick and had to go to urgent care!! Even so, God's blessings are all around! My mom has a bad cough but it's not effecting her oxygen level , one of my sister's got very sick but doing better, the other sister is very tired but feeling ok, my brother got very sick but doing better, his girlfriend needs prayers as she is now feeling very sick. I'm heart sick about my hubby's eye but he does have great vision in his other eye. puppy recovered and still eating every gross thing she finds.

We like freedom and bet you do, too, when it gets down to it. Did you know in the U.S. there is a federal fund and agency established a long time ago for victims of vaccines? Why? @justschool

This Sunday we want to thank God for preparations that He has made in Afghanistan.
Last year our Afghan partners told us that their electronic devices were being checked for Bible apps. BTJ hackers began working together on a solution for them and we were able to launch Operation Black Trumpet in Afghanistan.
Today the Taliban, in an event that few saw coming, is said to be going door-to-door looking at people's phones searching for Bible apps. If they have launched Operation Black Trumpet on their device, the Taliban would not be able to find the Bible on their phone. Not many Afghan Christians know about it, but it is spreading through the underground church.
Please keep them in your prayers.

We had a good online meeting with Bob Fu, brother Yun, brother Yuan and brother Andrew along with many others, Saturday. Thanks to all my brothers for being edifying and exhorting, and briefing us, and to Bob Fu for organizing it and translating. Very encouraging.

Correction: Baylor College of Medicine apparently was founded independently from Baylor University

How long has one of the top "Christian" Universities in the United States, Baylor University in Waco, TX which also has a prestigious medical school, been collaborating with the murderous Jesuits of the Catholic Institution created in 1541 to counter the Reformation??

@Knittinggrace @Rinati @erdenpilger @zephan @MaryMamuzich @Cherishingsparrows2020 @danielgray

Worst flooding in 1000 YEARS in brother Yun's ole stomping ground, Henan, China, specifically, Zhengzhou!

I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.

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