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We are anointed to carry on Christ's ministry just like he did... if only i had known when i was younger!

T.L. Osborn proved it. Have a look.

Acts chapter one

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There is overwhelming scientific and historical evidence you can fast out a cancer in 21 to 40 days...only water.

And with faith in Christ and prayer??...with God all things are possible IF YOU BELIEVE. James 5. Lord, forgive us our wrongs.

Struggling to find proper mental health services for my adult autistic sister. Literally, the ER doesn't even know how to properly refer her to what she needs. Any suggestions for places in central NJ would be much appreciated. She is verbal but very closed off from people and it seems like most therapists don't know how to communicate with her.

What a week I'm having!! My 91 year old mom has covid, along with my two sister, my brother and his girlfriend...I was with them, even -sat between my sisters and didn't catch it. My better half lost his vision in one eye and my puppy got very sick and had to go to urgent care!! Even so, God's blessings are all around! My mom has a bad cough but it's not effecting her oxygen level , one of my sister's got very sick but doing better, the other sister is very tired but feeling ok, my brother got very sick but doing better, his girlfriend needs prayers as she is now feeling very sick. I'm heart sick about my hubby's eye but he does have great vision in his other eye. puppy recovered and still eating every gross thing she finds.

We like freedom and bet you do, too, when it gets down to it. Did you know in the U.S. there is a federal fund and agency established a long time ago for victims of vaccines? Why? @justschool

This Sunday we want to thank God for preparations that He has made in Afghanistan.
Last year our Afghan partners told us that their electronic devices were being checked for Bible apps. BTJ hackers began working together on a solution for them and we were able to launch Operation Black Trumpet in Afghanistan.
Today the Taliban, in an event that few saw coming, is said to be going door-to-door looking at people's phones searching for Bible apps. If they have launched Operation Black Trumpet on their device, the Taliban would not be able to find the Bible on their phone. Not many Afghan Christians know about it, but it is spreading through the underground church.
Please keep them in your prayers.

We had a good online meeting with Bob Fu, brother Yun, brother Yuan and brother Andrew along with many others, Saturday. Thanks to all my brothers for being edifying and exhorting, and briefing us, and to Bob Fu for organizing it and translating. Very encouraging.

Correction: Baylor College of Medicine apparently was founded independently from Baylor University

How long has one of the top "Christian" Universities in the United States, Baylor University in Waco, TX which also has a prestigious medical school, been collaborating with the murderous Jesuits of the Catholic Institution created in 1541 to counter the Reformation??

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Four Years With No Contact, is Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Alive? - The Epoch Times

>Gao Zhisheng, a prominent Chinese human rights lawyer who has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, was last seen in August four years ago and has not been heard from since. His whereabouts, life, or death remain unknown. At the closing ceremony of the International Religious Freedom Summit 2021 on July 16, his daughter, Grace Gao, called for the public to remain concerned about all those who, like her father, have been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for defending human rights, faith, and freedom.


Worst flooding in 1000 YEARS in brother Yun's ole stomping ground, Henan, China, specifically, Zhengzhou!

I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.

How's that kid doing? Maybe you have two or three now?

Wherever you live work together to have your state make a stand for freedom. Sign the petition at

Update: SADLY the police were very cold and indifferent today when Ann was taken to the Fraud department to give more information. She basically in tears said "We were just a number to them!We are a good family, we try to bless everyone in our path, we have 2 babies and none of them understand how much this hurts our family! "

My heart aches for her. She is the 1st Christian in her family, and her family is being cruel. Saying many divorces happen here so she should take it if her husband is angry! She told them he was not angry at her! Infact he was comforting her. They were shocked. They told her she is stupid, a bad wife, a bad mom, and so much more!

May her heart find healing in Jesus and the love from our son, and our family! I am also praying God will miraculously return the money to them through believers around the world! IT would speak so much more! It would speak of God's understanding, love, and the care of HIS children around the world! May God get GLORY!

The World is bad. Every nation is bad, but We are more than conquerers

I supported Trump. But he's betrayed us with his support of Big Pharma's genocidal plandemic. He needs to wake up & get real. Operation Warp Speed is evil! Equally, the great majority of Trump's supporters need to wake up & get real. You claim you're for freedom; oppose globalist enslavement; celebrate July 4th; speak of God given liberties. Yet you engage in junk like this that promotes Satanic whoredom. HYPOCRITES! If you're not with JESUS, you're for Satan!

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