if we talked to people the way we talked to God.

@sinbach @Will exactly the thing we were talking about couple of days ago 🤣

@sinbach 🤣🤣🤣🤣LOL!! It drives me crazy!! I'm like..."GOD, HELP! I need MILK! PLZ!! Thank you....oh, and I really love you.

😆 too funny and true.
On a deeper note.. I wonder if that is indicative of our lack of prayer in private. In other words, we don't pray in private. So when we are forced to pray in public, we are trying to sound spiritual or passionate for the ears of man, but it's just.. just... just awkward.

@Toddkapper @sinbach It could be that sometimes, but I think other times it may simply be a learned habit. We imitate others who pray in that way. We practice what we hear and even take it into out own prayer closet? I'm glad @sinbach shared this for some laughs. I agree with Mary and Todd that it is awkward. But, on the flip side, I know people who pray this way and are very dedicated servants of the Lord. I'm sure they're praying in private and their lives are bearing fruit. And, their prayers are heard and being answered. I'm glad God hears and answers all kinds of prayers.

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