Colorado State offers help to anyone "affected by free speech."
This sign offers students 17 resources to help them if they have been affected by free speech.
Universities are treating Free speech as if it is a disease or violence affecting students.
Do not be fooled - the enemy's first attack when he takes over an areas is to stop free speech. Preaching the Gospel and sharing the Word is essential to complete the Great Commission. This is why China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran WILL NOT - CANNOT allow free speech. An attack on free speech is ALWAYS a direct attack on completing the Great Commission, to prolong Satan's time on earth. 😥

@sinbach Absolutely!!!!!
You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

@sinbach satan knows his time is short. His days are numbered

@sinbach An astute definition of free speech i read is ‘the right and privilege to offend’.

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