as a follow on from chatting with @bethany from @Backtojerusalem i'll be chatting with @sinbach soon too

should be fun...😊

Andy B

My interview with Bethany? In case you missed it, you can watch it here -

This afternoon from 4pm (UK) I'll be chatting with Back to Jerusalem's very own @bethany about DingDash, Back to Jerusalem and more.

We'll upload the video to our Pure247Radio Youtube and Podcast channels later today.

Listen Online, via Smart Speaker or on our free to download App (Google or Apple)

Andy B

@Backtojerusalem @sinbach

looking forward to be9ing here next weekend -

and our first festival as and i'm delighted we've been invited as guests of the Headline Sponsor - Barnabas Aid

afternoon Dingdashers

our move went well and we're nearly finished making this house a full on BerryBunch home!

a few photos from our first couple of weeks

I do love the interviews I get to conduct each week on my drivetime show - usually 3 every week 🙂 and always available same day on our YouTube and Podcast channl so you can hear, and see, my lovely guests

today, why caffeine is such a good thing (with Dr Richard Scott GP)
tomorrow, i get to chat with Mark Mitchell (something to do with cars and Chester 😉 )

and Thursday will be my regular conversation with Anne Laure Jackson (about sensory health)
and next week we've got another Andy B meets... with Tim Jupp (formerly of Delirious and now a little involved with Big Church Festival!) plus my regular chats with Richard and Anne

Did I mention I love my job?!?

Did you know we've now published more than 100 interviews for your education; your enjoyment; your edification; your entertainment?

only on

car broke down...God provided a replacement before we'd started praying for one

brougth that back last weekend - now we need to sort importing/registering for use in the UK

meanwhile we've got 4 festivals/gatherings this year to attend as

So far we can announce that Barnabas Aid invited us to attend alongside them at the Big Church Festival (UK)

we'll let you know about others as we can

but if you want to keep in touch with what the BerryBunch are doing with Pure247Radio why not sign up to our newsletter for some uplifting content:

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Hey up ding dashers - how's things for you today?

We've just celebrated 6 months since launching the radio station that God laid on our heart last February.

He has equipped, and supported us at every turn. It has been the impossible made possible and I'm daily.overwhelmed by the ooportiGkd puts our way; the door He opens; the people we've met...

Here's to the next 6 months.

Andy B

my Andy B 2 Minute Videos are finally back 😊

I'll post them here - I tend to forget and end up doing them in bulk.

hey ho

how's all you lovely dingdashers?

6 months of global broadcasting, 24/7, this coming Thursday!!!!

God is good 😁

Andy B

Let us know something you hope to get done this week.

Comment away and you'll get a shoutout on the Get You Home Show - with Andy B. – The Pure Choice: Everyone’s cup of tea, even if yours is coffee!

A UK based online radio station with a global heart

Taking another plunge into the subject of cold water therapy (unlike a fine wine, my jokes don't improve with age 😁🤣) with my good pal Dr Richard Scott GP.

He'll be back on air with me after 4pm today.

A lovely man who brightens my week when we chat. He also makes topical issues understandable even for the non-medically trained like myself!

Andy B

This is Sally dog, who lives in Montana, USA, with @MaryMamuzich. How cute is this photo?

I think Sally has 3 layers on in this photo where it was more than -37 degrees centigrade.

Andy B and Team Pure

We've set up repeats for all our evening shows on our radio station - for 6 hours after their initial broadcast here in the UK.

So, if your'e in the US - and other parts of the world where your time isn't the same as the UK - it should be even easier now to enjoy

In other words, our 6pm show plays at 6pm in the UK and then repeats at midnight too in the UK.

that equates to 2pm CST and 8pm CST

How's y'all doing?

Andy B

PPS It's still all 3 point pure
- no bad language
- nothing illegal
- nothing immoral

Bought a second hand bread maker at a charity shop. After tweaking recipes finally made this load - took about 6 attempts to make what I'd hoped to produce.

The sound of the crust breaking; the smell of the loaf; the texture of the bread...and the taste 😊

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again.

Andy B

The 2 hand made wooden plaques for our Studios here at , made by the very extremely talented artist - Helen Brown - as gifts to Pure 24/7 Radio.

We love them and they're now in position over the doors to each of our 2 studios.

Andy B and Team Pure

My regular weekly Tuesday afternoon guest - Dr Richard Scott GP - will be joining me this afternoon on the Get You Home Show.

Today we continue delving into gene editing, it's positives for sickle cell and thalassemia as well as the multiple ethical issues it also creates!

Andy B

how's everyone doing?

busy here with the radio.

God is good - we're seeing 1,000 listeners each month in 9 nations, which is blowing me away a bit

Christmas Day and the BerryBunch will be doing a Live show in the morning - to keep you company

Andy B and the family

Europe - The Final Countdown
WHAT a tune; loving this on my drivetime show

Did we mention we now have a Breakfast Show, Late Lunch and Drivtime Show (breakfast show in the US and Canada)

And music is always 3 points Pure:
- no bad language
- doesn't promote anything immoral
- doesn't promote anything illegal

This week we have shifted to providing 70 hours of original radio each week

Andy B

only on

"Pure 24/7 Radio - it's everyone's cup of tea, even if you like coffee"

I like that jingle 🤣

Andy B

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