S07E001, Lessons from a Rubik's Cube, Endurance


In this first episode of a brand-new season Nathan and Steven explain some of the things that they have learned from solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Steven first learned to solve a Rubik’s Cube during a recent time of illness. Since he didn’t feel fit enough to exercise or study, but felt determined to achieve something, he sat down and had a bash at solving the Rubik’s Cube. After getting nowhere fast, he turned to the internet and learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube.

Through learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube Steven learned three additional lessons. 1) Sometimes we need the help of others. 2) There is value in writing what we learned down. 3) The importance of humility.

He goes into further detail into these less...[READ MORE]...

Steven and Nathan

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S04E002, Places to Pray: Dining Room, Family Prayer Time


Peter and JoJo continue their new season of encouraging us to pray as a family by praying in different places. This time they’re in the Dining Room a place where you can eat together and do so many different things as a family and take the time to pray together.

They discuss the benefits of praying in the Dining Room as well as some of the difficulties. From this discussion the table was a key selling point for pray time as it gives us a place to put things – like bibles and prayer pointers. Peter and JoJo thanked God for the variety of food we have, for God’s provision and prayed for the needy.

Peter and JoJo challenge us to pray in the Dining room, make it a habit to pray in the dining and give to others – be generous.

JoJo and Peter

S01E001, June 2023, Business, Family Matters

You can enjoy this Podcast on our website: berrybunch.org/Articles/664948

This is the first ever Family Matters podcast! To launch this podcast the BerryBunch begin by introducing who they are collectively and individually. Somehow, they make it more complicated than it needs to be. Especially Jo!

Andy B provides a top tip of the week for families: Family Matters is created by our family for your family.

Peter interviews our regular special guest, Andy Godfrey. As a professional film reviewer Andy reviews Fast X, the biggest film in cinemas right now.

In addition to this, Andy explains what the Good News Newspaper is and challenges us with a Faith With Action tip, as an experienced evangelist.

The theme for this week is business, so the BerryBunch discuss the various aspects of business. Providing their own life experiences as well as tips for how we could support businesses.

The BerryBunch, with Andy Godfrey

Cliff College Festival Highlights - 2023


Cliff College has a festival every year around May Bank Holiday, known locally as Cliff Fest. And, this year, the BerryBunch joined them for our very first exhibition at a festival - at Cliff Fest!

We enjoyed meeting lots of people, and we promised lots of photos so scroll and enjoy these highlights!

So, enjoy this little video we put together with some of our highlights.

The BerryBunch

@daniel interesting...we're a little more up to date i hope 🤣

Family Matters Podcast Trailer, Episode 1!

Check it out --> berrybunch.org/Articles/664950

What's coming up this week on our very first Family Matters Podcast?

This is the first ever Family Matters podcast! To launch this podcast the BerryBunch begin by introducing who they are collectively and individually. Somehow, they make it more complicated than it needs to be. Especially Jo!

Family Matters is created by our family for your family.

Special Guest Andy Godfrey brings some order to the podcast with a movie review on Fast X, Good News Stories from the Good News Newspaper and Faith with Action tips.

The BerryBunch, with Andy Godfrey

Just 3 more days until our Brand New podcast launches.

Family Matters is 3 x bite size portions that you can slowly savour over the course of a day, or rapidly consume in one go if you think appetite can take it 😁.

We've got our friend, and Sorted Magazine contributor - @a.godfrey.16 - bringing us Movies Reviews, Good News and Faith with Action ideas for the whole family, whatever that looks like for you.

Plus, we've got the High and Low game you can hear us play each week on our regular, Sunday, Konnect Radio Show, as well as plenty of BerryBunch banter about life and family from the BerryBunch Bunker.

Join us on the first Saturday every month, from 2pm (UK), however you'd usually listen to podcasts. And, of course, you'll be able to listen via our website too - BerryBunch.org.

The @berrybunchfamilyfive

Cliff College Festival: Saturday

A good day and having some great conversations. Giving away plenty of the magazines we've bought to give away (Sorted Magazine) and our free sunflower growing kits

Jo is great and is doing a great job getting people to take the free stuff we have here to give away.

God is good!

Andy B

PS that green field is the car park...in the beautiful county of Derbyshire and specifically the Peak District...breathtaking scenery!!!!!!

If youve enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy's house was in Derbyshire ..

@Kruselady thanks kindly

Having some.great chats

We're giving away free Christian men's magazines and a free sunflower growing kit - trying to share a little.joy 😊

The BerryBunch is at Cliff College (seminary) in the beautiful county of Derbyshire for the weekend at their annual festival - they've been doing these for a century!!

Just Nathan and me today, but we'll all be here across the weekend in our first, ever, BerryBunch exhibition stand.

God opened a door, so we walked through it.

Andy B

Ok! Somebody actually challenged @sinbach to a Christian/Buddhism debate - and Eugene accepted.
Let's hope that the other side will show up and that this conversation will bring life & Godly love 😃

(link to Youtube: youtu.be/2l6vkyCiqgU )

60 Second Update, Issue 46


60 Seconds is all it takes to make sure you've not missed out on any of our posts, videos, and resources - or exciting events we've got coming up.

The Berrybunch is at Cliff Festival

We are at Cliff College Festival from today, Friday 26th May, until Monday 29th May. While we’re here we shall be handing out leaflets and telling more people about the amazing ministry that is The Berrybunch.

Family Matters Podcast

There is a new Berrybunch podcast coming soon. From our family to your family. The family matters podcast will include a regular guest, Andy Godfrey, who'll be bringing us Good News stories from the Good News Newspaper, Faith with Action tips and Movie Reviews. 1st Saturday each month, starting in June - from 2pm.

The BerryBunch

Details Matter, Andy B 2 Minute Video


We all need to work. In one way, or another, we work. And sometimes we work for ourselves, but many of us will work for someone else. But how we work with them is important when it comes to our desire to live out our Christian faith.

It’s easy to look at what you get paid, and decide work according to that. Actually, it’s very healthy to only work within the limits of the hours you are paid to do. Go beyond that and you’re likely to take away from someone else, get more tired and even more grumpy when what you do for free isn’t appreciated with a promotion or raise in your salary.

What we do is one thing, but how we do it is of far greater importance. Because God looks at our heart more than He does our hands.

Sure, it’s good to finish a job and for it to look good; to be safe; to work efficiently. But if we do that with a b…[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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Open Doors, Andy B 2 Minute Video


We all instinctively know that the best way to move through a wall is via a door way. We know that we’re not going to push the brick wall into conceding us to move through it.

So why is it so often we find ourselves straining against the walls of life, getting worn out and angry that God has somehow failed to help us move through this solid object? When, in reality, there is a wide, gaping, open doorway just a few feet away.

We sometimes talk about following God as walking along a path – that he guides us along the paths of life. We read something similar with the shepherds when Jesus was born as God even used a star to guide the shepherds to their destination.

In my walls and doors metaphor, that would be similar to God providing the shepherds with a bright light to light their path, the shepherds knowing about that bright light and the reason for it, then cove…[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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: A Prayer Answered Before It Was Prayed

Every day is a learning day, and every day God is still very much at work.

Read our latest testimony of God at work today!

It's often been said that when we pray we get one of three answers: Yes, No or Wait. I wonder where this one fits in with those three usual response.

A Prayer Answered Before It Was Prayed

We've been praying about how to fund replacement microphones for the ones we've been using to create buff.ly/3FF9kUE Video Resources: we wanted some Lavalier Microphones (miniature lapel placed microphones) because the ones we had been using sounded amazing, but were large and not helpful for the aesthetics of our video ie great for radio and podcasting, but not so great for video!

There was one major issue - we couldn't afford to buy the new microphones!...]READ MORE]...

Andy B

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Don't Force Things, Andy B 2 Minute Video


Have you ever thought to yourself that since God seems to have so much to do in the world, that you’d help Him out? You know, give God a hand to help Him answer your prayers since He is so very busy with all those prayers that need answering?

There’s very clearly nothing wrong with praying! And God desires us to be a part of building His kingdom here on earth and that includes, among other things, being those answers to prayer lifted by others.

But there is a large caveat here, however, because while it is good to be obedient and serve God by helping someone else, it isn’t the same thing to expect God to be obedient to us, and answer our prayers...[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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Land Ahoy, Dave Unleashed


Join Dave the Dog for the latest episode of Dave unleashed as he continues to look at creation. This week is Day Three when God created Land and Vegetation – not vegetarians!

Dave introduces Story time and Art time and tries to get his head around the order of creation! JoJo regrets calling this episode ‘Land Ahoy’.

Story Time with Dave the Dog

Join JoJo and Dave the Dog for a short story – The Creation Story Day Three – when God creates Land and Vegetation.

JoJo reminds us that God not only created dry ground calling it ‘Land’ and let the waters flow together and called the waters ‘seas’ but he also created all the plants and trees.

‘The land produced vegetation—all sorts of seed-bearing plants, and trees with seed-bearing fruit. Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind…’ (Genesis 1:12)

‘…God saw that it was good.’ (Genesis 1:12)

Dave the Dog and JoJo

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