@Anisah Great witness brother. Actions speak louder than words. She will see this always. A great reminder.

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I painted this baby penguin for my niece , last week, I havent seen her in nearly 3 years (because of ongoing issues with my muslim family). I was told it's her favourite animal and apparently she loves it! 馃挄 I've made this painting into prints and will make it into a greeting card soon, God willing 馃挄 hope you like it :)

@xixiangdong @danielgray I have noticed recently (through the Christian FB groups) more and more Christians are jumping on the pre trib rapture bandwagon. My views? Ipastored for 14 yrs. Taught Revelations extensively. Mid trib possible. Can show scripture that validate pre/mid, and post trib. The bible never contradicts itself soooo. I'm a pantribber. Regardless, its all going to pan out in the end.

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My oldest daughter just completed 1,000 hours of flight as an Airline Captain. She has worked hard since she was a teenager to reach this goal. I鈥檓 praising God for protecting her & blessing her with this amazing opportunity. 馃挋馃檹馃徎

@sueeason01 Direct message an admin. They should be one of the ones you automatically "follow" You can see them on your tool bar under 'follow and followers' or you can ask someone who has posted a pic already..

@sueeason01 I just joined a couple of weeks ago. Been put in FB jail 20 times already. This site takes a little getting used to navigating...home/timeline/following and such. To read comments on a post you have to go to the top of the post and hit "expand" and you also have to go to a person's profile and "follow" them to read their posts. You are automatically "following" the admins and they seem helpful with specific questions but you are on your own for the most part. You're allowed 500 words

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New song recorded in Cape Town coming out later today, with video/links to itunes/Spotify etc plus chord charts for worship teams!

@johnknight No thank you...sounds like a "cashless society to me...That's all NWO stuff you are promoting brother.

@BuBoy Just being in Heaven living in the mansion HE prepared for me and hanging out with Jesus is all the reward I need. I don't do the things I do here for any reward/crown in Heaven. I do what I do here because I Love Him. You can have all those jewels. I can't see them anyway. I don't believe there are any mirrors in Heaven...lol

"IN JESUS' NAME" has more power than any weapon devised by man and Satan.

@Olamide All we can take credit for in our walk/ministry is obedience. That's it.

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Update on covid victim brother Jerry Brooks ... He went home to the Lord this afternoon. Prayer needed of course for the grieving family 馃檹

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Yesterday took a motor boat to my uncle's fishing village, to warn my cousins. They don't have phones. I had very little time, however they didn't let me speak.....they were so excited about the new ponds full of native fishes. These ponds are close to their village. My cousins are new to fishing. They never faced any challenges from the authorities, they don't have any fishing license either.

@sinbach Such a sad commentary on the state of mankind. Satan has really done a number on our youth.

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there are times, i recon, when we are so focused on sharing truth that we forget to be kind. And perhaps there are times when we are so focused on being kind that we forget Truth.

@Olamide You may regret inviting me to this site brother...LOL

@Sfrench77 Anybody can join from anywhere so I would guess that it means that this site can be monitored as well. I used to be in the NAVY with the highest level clearance and I know how all this stuff works here too. Assume anything you post here, your personal emails, any social media platform is being "stored" somewhere by our government. I don't know which country you are speaking of specifically concerning your question. Does China monitor this site? No.

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"Spiritual maturity is determined by the willingness of one to sacrifice their own desires for the interests of the Kingdom or the sake of others."

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