The Bt Leader went to be with the Lord!
Thank you for praying.
Continue to pray for the spouse!

The couple hosted persecuted believers and fed the hungry even when they had no food for themselves and their children.

The younger generation may take responsibility and move for ward!

Out of 142 eggs 78 hatched.

Thank you for praying, the house had electricity (with some fluctuations) 24 x 7 !!!
We don't have other power back ups like Solar power or battery inverter. However we have powerful backup of prayer warriors like you.

Pray that the eggs and meat will feed Elijah's and widows of Zarephath.

Pictures and places are representative only!

"Please pray for a small team traveling to an Island for multiplying skills they learned from team members".

Abortion Will Be Aborted!
Pray for the unborn! We are at a critical crossroads in the US. The only hope for this world is Jesus.

After 15 days in Air Force boot camp I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST PHONE CALL FROM MY SON! I have been waiting so long for that phone call!!!!
He sounded happy! and actually said that he was having fun!
that is soooo my boy! he has the disease of his father, finding strange joy in shared misery. 😂

@zephan Father in Heaven .. I pray you guide and bless Kathy Barnett ... to bring her message to the people... Oh that America would not sacrifice the babies to the God of self!

Need lot of prayers !!!
We have decided to purchase water from the same people who are experts in creating 'storms in tea cups' !
Knowing that we are 'more than conquerors' in and through the one who is living in us.

Expecting the Dove to descend!
Chariots of fire to surround us !
In this war of setting the captives free , we may be led by the Spirit not flesh.
Amen ! 🙏

Please pray for John, while doing some repairs, his ladder broke and fell.
For fast recovery and completion of renovation at the training location.

Waiting for a welder to join the team. Need to make iron ladders, shelves and roof for open sheds, etc

"We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, killing, wars, or of hatred....if a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other?" - Mother Teresa

Please pray for a young student staying in hostel. One of our associates Daughter.
For Divine strength and Heavenly protection from all the attacks of the enemy.

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