Morning DingDash family - what are you lovely people up to today?

I've so far had a lovely earl grey tea in bed, and catch up chat and prayer with the lovely Jo (her work pattern is lates, so mornings are flexible).

Our 3 boys working away wonderfully together as usual on their Home Ed studies.

I've got some emails to reply to - for a new Christian Home Ed group I'm trying to start up, and some posts to write and schedule for our website (as we get ready for two new seasons, and restarting Live Broadcast daily prayer times).

And today I start recording the music and words for Song Time element in Season 4, Little Blessings Online; adding Christian lyrics to well known nursery rhymes....if my brain functions as I need it do today (more tea will aid that, after a few nights of not so great sleep for reasons neither of us can fathom!). Then Jo can add the actions next week.

Andy B

How do you deal with days that 'dont go your way?

I'm finally - at nearly 16:30 - sitting down with my bible, large mug of [not so hot anymore] tea and a notepad in the Garage (a 1 car garage previously converted intro an entrance hall). Just had a mad dash to bring the washing in as the rain settles in for a spell.

Feeling a bit lost today, so hoping God can help me become 'unlost'.

Boys, bless them, are busily working away at their studies :-) - we really do love home educating them, 'cos we get so much time with them, and are privileged to be able to help them with what they're learning.

Andy B

We love prayer and hope you’ll join us.
We’ve taken a little break from our Live Broadcast daily prayer times.

We have missed these really special times, and plan to be back for more Live Prayer Sessions, at our new time of 7pm UK (3pm EDT) from Monday 24th May, 2021.............

To read more visit the rest of the blog on our website -

The BerryBunch

Busy, busy

I’ve spent a chunk of today creating some graphics and a draft advert for a new project we’ll be launching, God willing, this coming Autumn.

While I’ve got plenty to do preparing for our next, and coming very soon, seasons of Endurance and Little Blessings Online, I also sometimes need to switch to something different............. read the rest of this blog post, visit

Andy B

1st century QR codes were far more glorious than 'Hologram projections, laser light displays or any other digital business cards.

Within 24 hours of sharing a prayer request on DD(which is still under process with an organization) YAHOWA YIREH send help from another unexpected source.
When your prayers reach the throne, answer is guaranteed!

"If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”

i'd like to point out that isn't my desk ;-) Mine is much tidier :-)

although the 2 cans of Krongenburg 1664 in the image does make for a very nice beer!

Andy B

How's your day so far?!?

So far, I've been shopping with Jo, reattached some trim to the car, got out a load of washing on the line (I'm always very happy when the sun and wind dry our clothes!), sorted the filtered water (as in filled all the water bottles we use with water from our filter, and topped up said water filter - due to REALLY bad limescale here!), topped up the screen wash in the car, made the bed and tidied our bedroom, sorted the router so it is a little happier letting us acces it for the internet!, made 4 cups of tea for Jo and the boys, cleaned the kitchen, got a second load of washing in the machine, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, and tidied up the shed a's only 1220 and I'm aware I've done quite a bit already today!

This afternoon we have a cream tea planned (clotted cream, then jam, but of course!!)

Andy B

The world can only offer a tiny piece of peace occasionally, but our Father God gives us everlasting Peace!

So where's the church?

Lockdown craziness has affected us all. Truly, the world will never be the same again!

I’ve seen churches face the challenge head on, and do the very best they can to continue to build God’s Kingdom where they are. They delivered food, supported local charities – even setting up new ones, knocked on doors to check on the vulnerable, set up telephone chains for support, posted DVDs, cassette tapes and CDs of services to people with no digital access............

Read the rest of our latest blog article at

Or search our website for "So where’s the Church?"

Andy B

God is so good! My son (age 7) is at the hospital emergency room right now due to experiencing nausea after having a fall while using a pogo stick. We are praying and trusting that he will recover quickly and be just fine. But, I felt to share on here because of God's goodness. My son uses his pogo stick at home frequently and doesn't wear a helmet. This evening my husband took him to an event where he planned to use his pogo stick. They had started out when he thought of getting his helmet. They debated whether to return home to get it and decided it would be safer to have it. He was wearing the helmet when he fell. If he hadn't had the helmet it could have been so much worse. God is so good! I believe He placed that impression on my son and husband to return for the helmet.

@Cherishingsparrows2020 @Olamide @MaryMamuzich @Rinati @zephan @tanjaostman @Berrybunchfamily
I am excited! Yesterday I did 'candling ' of eggs, which is equivalent to ultrasound in pregnancy. All of them got blood vessels spread around and tiny eyes floating!!!
It is extremely hot here at the farm/location. Keeping wet clothes around the incubator to increase the humidity.
Thank you for the prayers.
Since we Blessed our associates through sustainable income generation projects like this, none of our members are in serious trouble.
Nobody said, I am seriously sick or hungry that I can't go out for prayers and ministry.
is a source of blessing, they are not super rich funding agency for us. However we are content with the self multiplying bread they break with us. God has blessed upto a level, where, sometimes our not so rich associates enquire, how can we send some help to North Korea or South Sudan through ?
Keep on praying that we will love & care for each other.

Part 2
I just needed to. That particular day it was actually the worst phase of inflammation. As Pastor prayed for me and my mother who suffers from the same ailment I knew that I have the authority to cast out this sickness from my body. His testimony of the sinus issue encouraged me to believe that I can recieve healing and I believed 100 percent like never before.
After that was never the same.
Now I am completely free from every pain and stiffness and that was the last day I took medication for this. I know medical science can tell me there is no cure for osteoarthritis. As a doctor it's deeply rooted in my brain that it's a fact and nothing could change that fact.
But our God is a miracle working, fact breaking, reality breaking God. And I have the faith to believe that He is my healer. God is not limited by medical science. And faith and taking authority in the name of Jesus brought my healing. Praise God.

Finally able to see and hold my new granddaughter!! What a blessing - a beautiful gift!
Thank you for praying for her safe healthy arrival.

As you read the Word of God today, read it with expectancy and anticipation for the changes it will make in you. - David Jeremiah

The BerryBunch (and Jo's birthday cake - didn't have 50 candles, so just used every one we had instead :-) )

What a fantastic day, finished off with watching "The King and I".

Andy B

"Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves."
Philippians 2:3 NLT

It is not great men who change the world, but weak men in the hands of a great God. - Brother Yun

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