"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." -John 15:12-13 💕

Today from 4pm - our 100th Live Prayer session on Facebook, with Prayer 2:62: 10 minutes tops.

You can join us, live; send in prayer requests or things to thank God for via DingDash, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or via the Contact Us page on www.berrybunch.family.

We've loved doing the first 100. Now, God willing, on to 1,000 Live Prayer Sessions.

Andy B

On Friday 5th March, 2021 (tomorrow), we’ll be broadcasting – God willing – our 100th Live Prayer Session, over on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/berrybunchfamily/live) with the able assistance of @StevenBerry and @TakeN

And we’ve loved every moment so far, also praying with and for some of the lovely folks here on DingDash - from the USA, Poland, Nigeria, UK and more! What an utter privilege and an honour!!!

You’d be very welcome to join us, for Prayer 2:62, from 4pm (GMT), for just 10 minutes, on week days:
- 2 types of prayer
- 6 minutes praying to God
- 2 minutes thanking God
- 10 minutes tops

We've added a link to our small blog article, celebrating this tiny milestone.

100 Live Prayer sessions is great. On to 1,000 🙂 .


Andy B

Update: My Grandpa has passed away. Please keep my family in prayer, especially my Grandma and mom.

1 Timothy 4:8 (New Living Translation)
“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”

Endurance is your weekly Spiritual Workout: "It's taking the Bible; unpacking it; understanding what God wants to do in our lives", Steven.

As Christians, we all want to become more like Jesus. Each episode of Endurance will be based around a topic, include some scripture, have a brief teaching slot and leave us all with three challenges - - which we can do through the coming week.

We'll broadcast episodes, weekly - on Sunday afternoons on our website, YouTube, Instagram TV (IGTV) and Facebook.

Find out more at:
Website - www.berrybunch.family/endurancebbf

Facebook - www.facebook.com/EnduranceBBF

Instagram - instagram.com/endurancebbf/

YouTube - www.berrybunchfamily/enduranceyt

🔥Urgent Prayer Requested🔥
Nigerian Pastor to be executed in two days by Muslim Extremists.

Please pray for 'Generous ' , a Gospel worker living in a foreign country. For physical strength and healing. For the completion of 4 ongoing projects. Renewal of business and residential permit.

Prayer 2:62

We pray Live - on Facebook - weekdays, at 4pm GMT (UK).

You're welcome to join us, or send us a prayer request and we'll do our best to include it for you.

We've loved praying for prayer requests from folks from Poland, the USA and Nigeria.


Andy B

Out last Little Blessings Online until Season 4 starts in May 2021 🙂

You can watch it in full at

Jo Jo shows us how to make a chef's hat and Andy B's Story is all about the very trustable Joe and his jobs...who went from the lowest job in a household, to the second in charge of a whole country!

The BerryBunch

Our last ever episode of Something 4 Sunday LITE. Next week our oldest two boys will be delivering Endurance - a weekly, spiritual workout!


@StevenBerry's will make regular appearances too!

Andy B

This is my daughter Lisa, who has Placenta Accreta. Plz pray the placenta quits growing through the uterus and Lisa will suffer NO bleeding problems. She has had 2 miscarriages; this will be her 3rd child. Thank you for praying! This DD family is priceless... If we never meet in person I know we'll have a blast when we meet in Heaven! I truly love you all.

HELP!!! Prayer Warriors!
My daughter is pregnant with her 3rd child. She is due in May... BUT she has Placenta Accreta; a serious condition where the placenta grows deeply into the wall of the uterus. In about a month, Lisa, my daughter, will travel 10 hours with her little family to Salt Lake City. She needs to spend a month under the watchful eye of the doctors. The precious baby will be delivered early April at 32 weeks (40 weeks is full term)
I know our Jesus can move mountains! I ask myself how I can know in my heart the power of God ...but lay awake thinking... Tossing in prayer.......

Some measure strength by the amount of weight you can lift, others by the amount of hits you can take. But God measures strength by how much you are willing to stand for the Truth.

Dear Father, dweller of my temple,

Please give me the mind of Christ and make my body a temple of the spirit of holiness which is his.

Make me holy through and through. May my whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless by your power until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I trust you to do this because you are the one who has called me, and you are faithful.

Finally got some recording done again of my Andy B 2 minute videos!

This one is all about our microwave rice maker, some creativity and things God might us want to let go of.

You can watch it via our website too - tinyurl.com/berrybunchfamily

Andy B

Quite excited and rather looking forward to starting our refreshed Live Daily Family Prayers in the shiny new format - Prayer 2:62.

10 minutes tops; 6 minutes praying to God; 2 minutes thanking God - from 1pm (GMT - UK) weekdays.

Still on our Berrybunch Facebook page (facebook.com/berrybunchfamily), from 1pm.

You can continue to send prayer requests via DingDash, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and by email - berrybunchfamily@tutanota.com.

Andy B

This is Soheila Fors, a Kurdish woman born in Iran, living in Sweden, married to a Swedish man. In the second picture you see Soheila’s mother and aunt before the Islamic revolution. Soheila’s father was killed by the regime, and she was abused by her first (Iranian) husband. She met Jesus in her desperation. Soheila has started up several tea houses for immigrant women in Sweden, for fellowship and vocational training. That is too provoking for the Muslim men. She receives death threats on a regular basis. A fire bomb was thrown on their balcony. She doesn’t get enough help from the authorities. It’s a taboo in Sweden to criticize the immigration policy or Islam. Those who suffer the most are women from a Muslim background. They are not defended by the leftist feminists, since they don’t fit the narrative. Some experts say that Sweden is one of the countries in Europe with the highest levels of segregations. There are dozens of no-go-zones and in some areas the sharia law is practiced

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