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Something a bit different now. A new "Classical Music Devotion" is nearly ready for Monday since the last one was so well received by folks. This picture of a clearing countryside storm is a clue to Monday's composer and music. Can you guess who it is and what music?

A wonderful weekend making new friends, well meeting old friends thanks to DingDash - with @tanjaostman, Johan, Edvin, @StevenBerry @TakeN , Peter Berry and Jo Berry

A lovely, and far too short, weekend

Andy B

@Berrybunchfamily @tanjaostman @StevenBerry @TakeN The Holy Spirit really makes the love that we have for one another grow and overflow and this is a great example of that! Our love of Christ unites us in a way the world doesn’t understand. Kudos for the display of hospitality and a desire for fellowship when most people would only be focused on self gratification. Would love to meet you guys sometime in this life!

The power of love for Jesus - An English family letting a Finnish family stay in their home and sleep in their beds. @daniel summed it's baffling, unless you know Jesus, and then it makes perfect sense.

What a truly fab time to meet DingDashers in person

Thanks to @Backtojerusalem and @sinbach and team for creating DingDash and making the world a much smaller place, and yet a much larger one too 😊

Andy B

Safe onward travels @tanjaostman and family

@DevotionalTreasures thank you! The dark times in life can't remain dark when the True Light enters. Joy in times of tears. What a great God we have.

S04E083, Andy B 2 Minute Video, Clear The Memory Banks

When carrying out some rather widespread and deep website building work, Nathan and I ran across a really odd problem to have! Because, every time we loaded one video, another one kept on displaying instead.

After something of a panic, since it seemed to affect every video we had been working on, I thought about clearing the cache - for our internet browser.

If you’re more computer savvy than me (not very hard) then sorry for the following explanation:

The cache is much like the memory for your internet browser. When you visit a website and see a picture, the cache remembers that image and displays it for you, to save you data and time, without bothering to go and look to see if the latest image matches what it thought was there. [READ MORE]

Andy B

For the rest of this list, visit our website -->

@DevotionalTreasures Amen! I confess, I've wasted opportunities to share his life giving words out of being too timid! Crazy - right?? I pray for boldness for myself and those that, like me, need courage.

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