Another 8 Christians have been murdered by Islamist militias in the state of Taraba

The death toll of the Christmas massacre rises to 200+. When will the world stop ignoring the massacres on Christians in Nigeria?

When will there be a protest march in London?

Another sign of the End Times?! 😮

On Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a unique center representing the top three Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism has opened. This is the only place in the world where a synagogue, church, and mosque reside together as a multi-faith center of worship.

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Soon the last leaves have fallen off the trees. We're heading towards winter here in Finland. I pray this winter won't be as cold as last winter, since the cost of electricity has increased several times. It will cost us a little more than one thousand euros a month, if we will have the same temperatures. That's too much, since we have a high inflation going on when everything is getting more expensive, but we still have the same income. I have already heard of Finns that have to sell their houses, because they know they won't be able to afford to keep their homes.

An interview in English with Finnish economist PhD Tuomas Malinen on European recession and depression, and the energy crises. It's interesting to listen to him, because he is not bought by anyone - he speaks freely what he believes. He hasn't bought into the C19 narrative or the World Economic Forum.

One of our leaders undergoing a surgery within few hours, please pray.

This is a sad day for Finland. 😢 A transgender law was accepted today which allows men/female couples to have children as being the childs only parents. Also the definition of "mother" and "father" is going to change. A biological woman giving birth to a child can now be the father of the child. So crazy!!

If Italy is going through a punishment of God, so will be the case for Finland too. We are today stepping aside from God's blessings and shelter with this law that violates His standards and creation. 🥶😭 God have mercy on us!! 🙏

We took possession of our newly acquired farm ! As usual many regions are flooding and others are struggling with drought. @sinbach

Pray that the God of Issac will perform miracle for His chosen people.
The pictures are from open sources!

Mark is doing very well after the tumor removal. Thank you for the prayers.

Calling all prayer warriors!
This is my granddaughter, most of you prayed for her and my daughter at the time of her birth, she is 14 months old. She has not grown in the last 3 months, the doctor said she won't be too concerned unless she doesn't grow in the next 3 months. Plz pray for normal growth. Thank you!!

We will be hosting this event at our house today. Your prayers for us would be greatly appreciated! We expect a large crowd. We want to see miracles of healing and deliverance; body, heart, and soul.
We will be missing the presence of @sinbach Maybe next time...

A radio service on Sunday. “Teach us how to pray”. Me and my friends in Trijord are singing.

Christian college student in Nigeria killed, accused of blasphemy because she didn't want to date a Muslim man.

After 15 days in Air Force boot camp I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST PHONE CALL FROM MY SON! I have been waiting so long for that phone call!!!!
He sounded happy! and actually said that he was having fun!
that is soooo my boy! he has the disease of his father, finding strange joy in shared misery. 😂

We lost connection with the Sri Lankan team. As internet is disconnected. please pray.

Battle assignment for the day:
Bless your spouse by name.
Bless your children by name. Bless them specifically.
Bless your country.
Bless your government .
Be specific.

What it happen. Jesus loves to bless through us. ⚡️

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