For those of you who have followed our family vlog, we want you to know about what has happened.

@KarlGessler I'm so sorry for your loss; we share your pain and will be praying

@KarlGessler and on Safety Steve - I keep thinking about getting Dave the Dog his own channel...and I'm watching with interest to that particular development

@KarlGessler praying for you. thank you for your vulnerability and service to others in sharing this loss that it might build up the Body. NOT EASY. a true sacrifice.
Prayers for your amazing family my brother!

@KarlGessler You are amazing people! Thank you for sharing your life with us! Wow! Praying for your family!...

@KarlGessler I'm so sorry!! We really do fall in love with our babies from day one of positive pregnancy test. I'm praying for your family and I feel privileged to help carry your broken heart before the Lord. Also praying for physical healing.

@KarlGessler What a blessing to be united with Jesus' children through the Holy Spirit that causes us the love one another without ever meeting. I truly care about what your family has suffered and I continue to pray.

@KarlGessler Thank you for sharing this sad experience. I'll be praying for your family and I feel so closed to Susie because I know how it feels like! I passed through that myself four years ago. But I can tell you that in those moments I felt the presence of the Lord so closed! Big time! I can share with you that the moment I was losing my baby The Lord gave me a vision, a real one, the only one I've ever had. The ceiling of the bathroom opened and I saw the Lord Jesus smiling at me with my child in His arms! That gave me a real comfort and strength, and I knew for sure that my baby is in Heaven and I will meet him one day! Be Blessed and encouraged because with God's Grace you and your wife are doing a great job with your family for the Lord.

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