For those of you who have followed our family vlog, we want you to know about what has happened.

What's our true Identity? Who are we in Christ?
I'm a daughter of the Living God, I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ, I'm His bride and I'm a woman.
What do I read in the Bible?
That Women will always be blessed by God when they live and move according to His Will and His purpose!
God bless you all ❤️

Urgent prayer request, for believers among Somali people. As they are imprisoned and persecuted with high risk🙏🙏!

Pray for Myanmar and our dear friends there. We heard yesterday thousands of prisoners were released from prison and told to burn houses and make room for civil disobedience citizens and government workers to be jailed. Many Doctors and nurses have been detained. Free prisoners are burning houses whole night. Pray for the Lord's destiny to be fulfilled in this heavily Buddhist nation. Their internet was going to be turned off from the 14th of Feb through the end of the month but some still have internet. Last week many Chinese planes were flying into Myanmar and 2 N Korean planes flew in. Army and police are arresting people at night and taking them to unknown locations and they are not heard from again, for now. From a friend just now: History is unfolding right now there. Watchmen and intercessors proclaim the Lord's will and peace and protection over the innocent.

Please pray for our brother Voddie Baucham, a faithful minister of the Gospel. He recently discovered he has heart failure and is returning to the USA for tests and treatment. This is a bold and courageous warrior for the Lord. Join me in praying for his health and recovery!

@Jorge I'm from a small village in the Italian Alps, not far from Torino, Nord West of Italy.

@giadamanuela : Jesus, our Bridegroom- King, thankyou for our dear family member in Italy, for capturing their heart with your saving grace and redeeming love. Breathe your breath of life into Giada in a fresh way this week. Pour fresh oil from your Spirit into their spirit. Look upon the country of Italy and be gracious to our brothers and sisters there. Awaken the sleeping, regenerate those deadened in their sins, and bring a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit upon Giada and all they come into contact with, for Your glory!

I love Italy after several trips there; I was just looking at my pictures of wonderful times there yesterday. I will certainly pray for Italy and for you Giada Manuela. We need to see a rise of the true people of God in Italy (and in all the nations). May the growing darkness showcase the Light of Jesus!

@giadamanuela From what I can tell it is the same in every country... pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ always. Love & Prayers

Shalom brothers and sisters!
I'm not a fan of politics, but I'm quite able to discern right from wrong... and here in Italy, our Government (the only one we managed to vote for in the last 10 years...) just drop (don't know if it's the right word), and we are getting soon a new one entirely controlled by the Central Bank of Europe! 🎉 🎉
Plus, we are facing an unprecedented economical crisis! Many many people lost their jobs and there's much more unemployment coming...
Just pray for us please, that the Lord will send more workers in the field! There are not many true believers in this Country and in these moments and in the times ahead people will need the Real Love, the Real Truth, the Real Live which IS A REAL PERSON: JESUS, not a religion or a philosophy or a lifestyle!
Thank you so much for your prayers.
May the Lord bless you all ❤️

My youngest daughter was officially diagnosed with autism yesterday at 22 months old. I had my suspicions, but I'm still trying to process the ramifications.

Update on Heidi. She was pretty grumpy after the surgery, but the doc said he had to wash the fluid out of her ears and that it was the consistency of glue. He thought it was probably impacting her hearing by around 30dB! She just woke up from a nap and we can tell that she is hearing things clearly for the first time! God is good! It is so great seeing her watch her go-to videos with a new excitement. Thank you for your continual prayers and praise God for answering them! Video to come soon.

Send you many blessings from the Italian mountains!
We are living rough times in Italy as well... But we trust that our Precious Lord is in control and --as always -- He will turn evil into Good for His Glory! ❤️

Thanks everybody for your welcome 😄 May the Lord Bless you all!!!

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