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Have you seen this?
Check out the trailer.
This movie is a mind-blasting, heart tearing and tear squeezing masterpiece of war & rescue documentary


@tymektt YES! I am on a mission to make everyone I know watch it, I keep it downloaded on my iPad - have shown it several places. As someone who brings young children to various countries it was so good to see a family walking in their purpose together.

@sinbach @tymektt “grassroots effort to keep Eugene’s clothes on gains momentum “

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@katharos @tymektt what the????
that made my year!!!!!
I'm putting my clothes back on as I speak!

@tymektt @sinbach
Check the note in the order. They should make it a proper fund.

@sinbach I will give $100 to prevent this scenario from happening. Looks like it’s working.

*for some reason when I open this link the date at the top of the page is 2021 - but you can see in the article itself the attacks are 19 June

This is so great. Happened in Italy. I cannot picture a similar scene in the USA on the east or west coast - everyone is either woke or paralyzed. Maybe in a flyover state you’d see people moving little punk kids off the road.

The USA is FINALLY dropping the inbound testing requirement!!! Really hoping that they also get rid of the vaccine requirement for non-citizens.


@sinbach hahahahahha. I had to think about it for a long time to remember the specifics, I was mostly savoring the victory and letting that be enough.
It had something to do with whether or not Joe Biden can block the antifa.com site from rerouting to his page

@sinbach 😂😂😂 and several months of prep and trial, and $$$$$$$$$$.
Oh yeah - you were going to prove me wrong about some thing a few months ago, let me know if you get that 😬

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@sinbach and it took a team of attorneys and a judge. You gotta come prepared.

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