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My wife just made this Strawberry Pie, anyone hungry? 🤩 Except for @sinbach , it's not keto friendly, you are probably eating raw fish from the stream anyway.

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At least one person was killed and several were injured Sunday in an attack on the inauguration of a Greek Orthodox church in Syria’s Hama Governorate. 😢

There are reports of one or two deaths from the attack, and as many as 12 wounded. 😢

so far 4,750,000 Ukrainian refugees had fled the war zone and entered Poland.
I'm speechless.

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@weavers4jesus @Cherishingsparrows2020 this is a topic that others need to know about. thank you for sharing. this info needs to get out for others to pray.

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Chinese families very rarely adopt.The
Culture here has been formed to only want a perfect child, and 95% of Chinas orphans have some type of issue wether it be physical, mental or sometimes even as small as a visable birthmark.The babies who are born to unwed mothers (rare due to the high abortion rate) are quickly adopted by parents on a wait list for a perfect baby. But those babies are extremely rare. So most adoptions are definitely international.

There used to be many “foster homes” which were basically like orphanages created by foreigners (usually Christians) where gov orphanages would allow children to go live with them while still registered in the gov one. These “ foster homes” were amazing! Full of love and kind care. Full of medical treatments, surgeries and schooling.Until the government swooped through a few years ago and forced them all to close and send the children back to gov facilities. The children now suffer a lot.
Thank you for caring!

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@tymektt Most of us are on 1 meal a day. Bicycling to farm, ministry locations, etc

Inspite of political chaos administrators are doing their job well.
Colombo mayor is a born again believer.
Out of 4 groups trying to rule the nation 2 hold extreme religious or ideological views. (One is communist).

People are open and receptive to the Gospel message than before..
Many groups are discouraging farmers from sowing paddy, etc with hidden agendas.
Some groups have became extremely vulnerable, especially the war widows of last decade, etc
Please pray against Human trafficking , Laziness and extreme poverty.

hey @Lanka4Jesus could you tell us a bit more about how is the situation in Sri Lanka?
How does this affect your life?
I want to bring this topic up for all people who want to pray for you.

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Fantastic pod cast!
Everyone on Dingdash, please take a few minutes to listen to this information.
This pidcast is just scratching the surface.
I hope Eugene has him on again.

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THIS 💣 short episode is so filled with critical information on Islam's history and their modus operandi that sharing it on Facebook would get me a permanent ban till 3rd generation... 🔥

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Been revisiting one of my older ideas regarding energy independence. It is basically a very large(room sized) heat engine designed for very long uptimes and durability. Think decades. It would use a low temperature differential and have abysmal efficiency, but it could be built and maintained with off-the-shelf parts. All it needs is hot water. Heating water with solar thermal is debatably cheaper than photovoltaics, but even if it’s not, the goal is a low tech solution.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death" 😉

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I Stand With Christ

“The perseverance of this stubborn flower rings beauty in the darkest hour. Likewise, only the children of God can bring beauty during the most difficult hours of human history. Only the church can bring light to a world that is dark & dying.” P.107

- Zhang Rongliang

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