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A Brief Pause with Andy B, 03.02.23

I lay down and slept, yet I woke up in safety, for the Lord was watching over me.
Psalm 3 v 5 (NLT)

It’s good to take a regular pause through the day to hush and pause - and to check in with God. What might God say to us if we let Him?

Andy B

S05E052, How Many Fingers From Disaster? Andy B 2 Minute Video

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In the Film series, Ice Age, there is little sabre tooth squirrel. He always gets so close to being to safeguard his precious nuts, when disaster strikes. If I’m honest he’s my favourite character because he never gives up trying. Everything gets thrown at him. And, yet, he just picks himself up and gets going again.

Sure, he suffers some typically calamitous disasters that requires the odd bit of hospital treatment.

But, he keeps going! [READ MORE]

Andy B

I was crying when I heard that children in Finland aged 12 and older were 'strongly recommended' to wear masks in school. We are a very obedient people, and people control each other, so you don't have to legislate such things. How easy is it for a child to stand against peer pressure and teachers? I bought my son textile masks, but my heart sank as they got to cover themselves in his new school (from grade 7) and not get to see each other. To be fearful. Not be able to breathe properly. And so on. I was 100 % against it, but most Finns were not. Some are still using them!

Another sad day for Finland 😭😭💔
The new transgender law was accepted by the Parliament.

We'll see where and how this way our leaders have chosen ends. 🥶

I have just one word: Maranatha ! ❤🙌🙏

@Berrybunchfamily I'm happy to hear that they managed to stop it. In Finland the situation is bad, as it is especially the government (majority of it) that is boosting it and pushing it forward. Only two parties in the opposition (the Christian party and the Finns party) are openly trying to stop it from going through.

We can only cry out to God to open the eyes of the Parliament. 🙏

Our plan, at 9am on 1st February, is to go Live on Facebook and YouTube and tell you all about the exciting changes we will (God willing) have made in just 2 days time.

Website Launch Countdown – 4 days to go

We’ve got a brand New website name coming your way for the Brand New website. We couldn’t get rid of our roots – will still get you to our home on the internet, just as it always did.

We’re changing how we use Social Media (including WordPress). At the moment we post videos all over the place! But, from 1st February, we’ll be pointing you to our website to watch the videos there – this will be better for you as the videos will be presented, and looking, their very best for you. Downloading videos for later use gets super simple too! This makes Andy B SUPER happy!

Our newsletter will get a boost with the new website – make sure to sign up to that (we’ll let you know when you can) and you’ll always be up to date with everything we’re up to.

Kintsugi - the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. Instead of hiding imperfections it shows that beauty can come from brokenness when the pieces are handed back over to the potter. Somehow creating something more exquisite and usually for a completely new purpose! Evidence that, even in brokenness there is hope, when we hand the pieces over into His grace.

Website Launch Countdown – 5 days to go

We’re not just throwing a bit of paint on something to make it look fresh – this is much bigger than that, and all of it is down to God’s equipping and guiding of us.

If it were a car it would mean we’re getting a new chassis, a new engine, new seating, new styling – but it’ll still have a steering wheel, and the five of us in it. However it should now get us to our destination much more easily and enable us to worry less about whether the car will break down again anytime soon, and to enjoy the journey much more!

Website Launch Countdown – 7 days to go

We’ve worked really hard since the start of December sorting it all out.
We’ve updated web links and details on nearly 1,400 posts, more than 730 videos, over 350 Podcast episodes and everyone has been updated – sometimes twice (as necessary) – with details updated, mistakes found and corrected. It’s been useful, and not a little cathartic too – as we find very old errors that we had somehow missed before.

The BerryBunch

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For all who are praying, my covid pneumonia is improving. I am still having signs it’s still there, and i can’t do much normal stuff yet, but it’s so much better than a couple weeks ago. Thank you.

Well ECG shows clear Heart is clear and ok again

Waiting inblood result now and to see a doctor

Off to a and e (ER) for my heart again. 4.30am

Andy B

Are you sceptical, or unsure, about the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit being real?

We have a friend. She reminded me she is 4,500 miles away, and she was woken up by God to pray for my family, and my heart in particular.

I messaged her asking for prayer as I went to hospital today - knowing she'd be fast asleep, but also knowing I needed to tell her.

The time for her - when my message arrived - was 2.46am.......when she'd already been praying for 2 hours for my heart and my family, with no idea at that point that Jo was taking me to hospital because of my heart.

There comes a point when the idea of coincidence simply doesn't provide enough of an answer!

Andy B

PS Thank you @MaryMamuzich for listening to those prompts to pray!

Discharged - there's nothing they can give me I'm not already on.

Just have to now await contact from consultant...

Andy B

Update is that I'm.not in a fib right now...

At this point my pulse is like a train, the doctor said - solid and perfect like my ECG is showing...but he also doesn't think I got it wrong as every symptom I described is exactly what it thought it was

He's gonna contact my cardiology consultant to get advice as to what should happen next

Andy B

Jo had to bring me to hospital this morning - Prayers appreciated

My heart is now confirmed as not beating correctly

My blood preasure, oxygen levels and temperate all good. Pulse is ok, but a little higher than usual

Just my heart again. I've had two previous incidents of atrial fibrillation

Now waiting for a doctor

Well, the time has finally come - we've got an official launch date for our new website, 1st February!!!

Find out more about what you can expect!

Andy B

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how are my fellow DingDashers doing today?

with all the work to our new website (launching 1st Feb) i've been pretty flat out with that since the start of December

so, how's y'all doing?

Andy B

(that's me, Jo and our oldest - Steven and the most recent photo I have with me in it)

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